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value boxeBay announced in the Spring that they’d be testing and introducing an Amazon style buy box on eBay product pages and TameBay reader Jimbo has spotted them starting to appear on eBay UK.

The “Great savings from eBay sellers” box sits at the top of the product page and highlights an offering from one seller along with the discount compared to typical prices available on eBay. Although currently we don’t know the full criteria to appear in the value box doubtless it’ll increase sales and sellers will be competing to win the position on the page. Generally it’s expected that priority will be given to competitively priced products with free shipping and Top Rated Sellers.

The value box will appear for popular items in some categories like Music or Electronics. Rather than a basic page of search results buyers will be presented with a page that displays the products associated with their search terms. The product pages are likely to be expanded to more categories with pre-filled catalogue information used to match products.

eBay say that product pages have a higher sell-through rate than search results pages and that it’s not possible to buy the value box position, it’s awarded based on the value proposition each listing has to offer. In this example the 11th listing out of 15 was promoted with the value box.

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