How to sell your Christmas presents on eBay (without offending your family and friends)


Angry looking man in Santa hat offering gift♫♪This Christmas, I gave you my heart, but the very next day, it was sold on eBay… ♫♪

Running out of real stories in the days before Christmas, the press has been full of advice on how to sell your Christmas presents on eBay. What journalists fail to tell you though, is that your granny is going to be seriously upset if she spots that Rudolf-design sweater up for sale the day after she gave it to you. Make sure you get away with it, with our handy guide to guilt-free gift selling.

Have a secret ID

Never, never, NEVER let your family, friends or work colleagues find out your eBay ID. You don’t want your boss to know about your penchant for Dilbert. You don’t want your trendy friends to know about your Bridget Jones pants. And there might be a million things you don’t want your mother to know about!

If by some act of carelessness on your part, your eBay ID has become known, then register a new one; you can have as many as you like, all they need is different email addresses. Believe us, this will save you grief in the long-run.

Don’t let your own home be visible in the photos

You will not be able to deny it’s Auntie Doris’s plaid pantaloons you’re selling if your living room can be seen in the background of your photograph. Photograph larger items against a plain, neutral-coloured wall. For smaller items, a light tent makes your photographs so much better, or use a plain sheet.

Have a tidy out

Bored with mince pies, sherry and TV holiday specials already? Us too. Have a tidy out. That Des O’Connor CD won’t show up nearly so badly if it’s part of a job lot of discs you no longer listen to.

Leave it til Easter

Let’s face it, by Easter, everyone’s forgotten about Christmas. Give it a few months, and no one’s going to spot your ingratitude, you undeserving traitor 😀

But if you really think eBay’s a no-no…

Give it back to them next year

“I loved mine so much, I got you one just like it! Merry Christmas!”


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