If you're not a TRS here's how to qualify in a month

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Many sellers are struggling to meet the Top Rated Seller (TRS) criteria due to low volume sales combined with DSRs received prior to the progammes announcement. After careful consideration and reviewing the 12 month rating period (Links to PowerSeller board – log in required)

One of the reasons for this is that it would result in less TRS than keeping the status quo. I can sympathise with eBay here as if they changed the rules again and took away TRS status from those who currently hold it there would be uproar. However it can only mean that those who would suffer if the rules changed have more recent low DSR scores than those that would benefit.

Leaving the status quo continues to penalise sellers who have low DSRs from before August when TRS was announced. There are only two viable options if you’ve got low ratings last summer and still have six or seven months before they drop off the radar:

1) Up your selling volume to become a volume seller – if you sell more than 400 items in a three month period you’ll be measured on the most recent three months sales only.

2) Open a new eBay account and scrap your old one – If you have a buying account more than two months old you can qualify as a PowerSeller and TRS within a month. Simply sell more than £2250, at least twelve items and get 100 feedback and you’re there. If you don’t have an existing eBay account opened at least two months ago then it’ll take you three months to qualify as a TRS.

Compared to waiting until the middle of next year to be a TRS on your existing account, option 2 above is the most attractive course of action. Don’t forget that if you start selling on an existing buying account today you could qualify for discounts as a TRS in January. If you stick with your existing selling ID then in the new year compared to those that qualify as a TRS.

Why eBay would be happy for you to abandon your existing account transfer your listings to a new selling account and qualify for TRS but won’t let you qualify on your current selling ID is beyond me. If you want to be TRS open a new selling account today, it’s easier than reviving your existing selling ID and if you don’t eBay will financially penalise you with the drastically lower discounts.

Finally if you don’t have a spare eBay ID that you’ve been using as a buying account go and today. Sell a few items on them and then continue to use them as buying accounts – you never know when the next eBay rule change will trash your selling account and you’ll need an emergency selling account already set up and ready to go.



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