Simon to sue over SuBo sales

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I SHAED SUSAN BOYLE BOXER SHORTS on eBay (end time 11-Jan-10 18-55-23 GMT)The Daily Record reports that Simon Cowell has threatened to sue eBay sellers for using Susan Boyle’s image on unauthorised merchandise for sale on the site. Speaking for Cowell, PR guru Max Clifford called the eBay sales “despicable profiteering making unscrupulous people millions of pounds”. He went on: “It’s a sad fact of life that there are always people who don’t care how low they sink to profit from others, and some of this is really cheap and nasty.”

A found just over 1,400 items related to the singer for sale, so I suspect the clean-up may already have begun. The vast majority of listings are for Ms Boyle’s CD “I Dreamed A Dream”, though there were a number of other items which didn’t have the look of official merchandise, including cake toppers, various t-shirts and boxer shorts bearing the legend “I Sha**ed Susan Boyle” (yes, the asterisks are there on the actual item).

Vanessa Canzini for eBay is quoted as saying “there are always a very small minority [of eBay sellers] whose behaviour can be bordering on moronic.”



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A bid is a legally binding contract
(even when it’s £180,000)


A sale is a legally binding contract
(even when it’s $100,000)

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