20 reasons you should be at Small Business 2.0

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Small Business 2.0

  1. It’s the best event for small businesses on the internet this year!
  2. It’s only a tenner.
  3. It’s January: a good time to take stock of what you’ve been doing, and look at what needs changing for the year ahead.
  4. There’ll be beer afterwards.
  5. It’s your chance to talk directly to eBay (let ’em have it).
  6. Find out how to increase ROI on advertising direct from Google (who better?).
  7. Get inspiration on internet marketing from Enterprise Nation‘s Emma Jones.
  8. Get tips on search marketing direct from Microsoft.
  9. BT Tradespace know all that’s to be known about small business on the net.
  10. Get delicious marketing advice from Marketing Donut‘s Rory MccGwire.
  11. Find out how to get your customers to do your advertising for you, from BT Tradespace’s Ivan Croxford.
  12. Get some invaluable business advice and eBay trading tips from Chris.
  13. Dan is entertaining whatever he’s talking about.
  14. Find out SEO secrets from Latitude.
  15. Want to improve your product shots? EME Digital looks like the ultimate.
  16. It’s in Hammersmith, so easy for public transport (it’s the Piccadilly, District or Hammersmith and City Lines and innumerable bus routes).
  17. It’s in Hammersmith, not central London: no congestion charge, plenty of places to park.
  18. Their registration form is full of opportunity for fun. Personal requirements, you say? I asked for dancing girls and a massage…
  19. What else are you going to do on a dull Saturday at the end of January?
  20. Did I mention, it’s only a tenner? Get on over and book.

Disclaimer: SB2.0 advertise with TameBay. Shame on you if you hadn’t noticed.


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