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Everyone that I speak to about selling online are singing the praises of Amazon in comparison to eBay, and if you’re supplying new goods with barcodes in a relevant Amazon category you should be listing there as well as on eBay. Much of Amazon’s success is down to 3rd party sellers and that side of their business appears to be increasing rapidly, in relation to the products Amazon source themselves.

There are some tricks and tips for success on Amazon though, unlike eBay where pretty much anyone can be successful if they have the right product at the right price, Amazon is a harder site to get to grips with and working out how to win the “Buy Box”

ChannelAdvisor, who are Amazon’s largest 3rd party solutions provider in terms of GMV, have released a “Best Practices & How to Win the Blue Buy Box” document which is free to download from their website. It covers the information Amazon customers need about your business, the customer service Amazon expect, what you need to know about inventory and listing techniques and how to win Amazon’s Buy Box.

If you already sell on Amazon and have some tips and tricks of your own feel free to share them in comments below.

Disclosure: ChannelAdvisor advertise with TameBay

2 Responses

  1. I have been trying to get on to Amazon as a seller for a few years now.
    As a jewellery seller I have not been invited.
    I signed up as a pro-seller selling books cds etc, thinking this might help my cause but nothing came of it.
    Recently they have changed there request page which makes it look more possible to join up, so I am awaiting a response.
    Although I have my own website, I do rely on ebay for income, which feels like a very precarious position to be in.
    I need another channel like Amazon which can rival ebay.
    If Google set up a serious contender I will be there too.
    Facebook’s move into ecommerce ( has not worked for me so far, although it is certainly worth a go.
    As for ebid, spending £50 or whatever it was, on there lifetime membership has still not paid back its cost 3 years on.

  2. Within 12 hours somebody from CA had tried to call me and then I get the email as well – nothing more than a marketing scam to get you on there database
    Nothing changes!
    The two sides of information from CA tell you nothing that is not already in the public domain or could be worked out using simple common sense.
    The reality with Amazon is that unless you are in a niche category your chances of ever winning a blue box are negligible unless you are a big seller with very large stocks etc.
    If you are a small to medium reseller forget it.
    It is completley at the discretion and whim of Amazon – simply as that.
    pip pip


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