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Parcel2Go have a 99p offer on deliveries for Monday 8th February 2010 only, for items up to 25kg in weight. For one day you can send all of your UK courier deliveries for just 99p through the Parcel2Go website.

To qualify for the 99p offer you’ll need to register at and use the Parcel2Go eBay upload tool which links to eBay. This enables you to upload delivery information from your eBay ended items and imports it into Parcel2Go ready for you to select the 99p offer and book a collection date which can be from Tuesday onwards.

The service offered at 99p is HDNL Standard 24 – 72 hour delivery, which normally costs £5.99 + VAT. Although the offer is for bookings made on Monday only, you can arrange a collection date for any day during the week. There’s no limit on the number of parcels you can send using the offer, but it’s strictly a jiffy bag or box service, letters will not be accepted.

This has to be the best delivery promotion I’ve ever seen, 99p is an unbeatable price and if you want to take advantage I’d recommend you register with Parcel2Go and get your eBay account linked ready for Monday morning.

Disclosure: Parcel2Go advertise with TameBay

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  1. It is possible to change the name/address details on non-courier orders after you’ve dispatched them within eBay, to upload them to P2G.

    Does this service from Littlewoods offer online tracking & signature under Paypal’s SPP?

  2. Yes this includes online tracking and full proof of delivery (upon request). The service is normally £6.49 + VAT but is currently £5.99 + VAT through the website but if you transact on Monday 8/2/2010 and use the eBay download tool you get it for £0.99 + VAT

  3. Hi Sally,

    Thanks for the link to the P2G reviews…

    Interesting to read some of the good points, as well as those who’ve had some issues on other sites.

    After reading both sides, i’ll certainly try a few deliveries on monday, see how it goes and report back on here (if I remember).

    Anyone else thinking of using this?

  4. Sue, I still prefer pictures in the actual listing, tad old fashioned I suppose. I feel there is a growing trend for sellers to rely on just the one picture in gallery or maybe I’ve just been unlucky in my searches.

  5. So I just used it for a small sample batch of orders. The upload tool was seamless and really easy to use, although the links for setting up the ebay approval could have been made bigger & with graphical button links. So now we will see what HDNL is really like. I’ll let you know 🙂

  6. Further to my last comment, I just noticed that the addresses on 2 of the 3 orders I placed are not justified correctly, 1 of them is particularly bad. If you faithfully go in to each record via ebay SMP and edit the correct address format with upper case letters where needed BEFORE you upload, then you’ll have no problems. If like me you use some kind of labeling system that auto corrects the addresses and didn’t notice (or simply don’t want to) then this is actually a big pain in the elbow and does detract somewhat from the “slickness!!

  7. I don’t normally moan, but I’m gonna.

    We’ve just had another missed collection today from a Parcel2Go booking. Quite a large customer service headache for us when this occurs, and happens all too often. It’ll probably get re-booked but we’ll have egg on our faces with our customer, who will have spent time waiting for a courier today.

    The account is a nightmare to do the bookkeeping on. We spent £700 with them last month and I’m on the verge of stopping the Ops team from using them because of the admin burden. I’m afraid I was given a blank response when I raised this issue with the company.

    Parcel2Go seems to me to be fine for occasional haphazard personal work, but is borderline unsuitable to supply services to a business. I’d be keen to be shown wrong.

  8. Well, I decided to give them a try and booked 25 parcels. Had a text this morning from P2Go to say they would be collected between 12 & 3 so I’m keeping my fingers crossed!

  9. There was an article a while back about HDNL taking over the DHL UK business, I wonder how this will affect the quality of service in the future.


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