eBay roll ROI out to all AdCommerce users

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Good news for eBay AdCommerce users – eBay are rolling out Return on Investment (ROI) data for all users as of today. ROI was released as a trial back in October with a limited number of users invited to join the program, but as of today everyone should be able to see just how much business is generated from the clicks they’re paying for.

There are three measurements that ROI reports on:
Bids Bids & BINS that are attributed to clicks within 30 days of when the click occurred

Items Sold Total units sold as a result of your Ad. This is not the number of listings, rather the units. If you have one multi-item listing and sold 10 units as a result of an ad, 10 will show up in Items Sold

Sales Amount The total final sales value of the Items Sold

Sales/Cost The Ratio between Sales Amount and the amount of advertising spent


From experience AdCommerce doesn’t work for all types of eBay business, but if it’s working for you let us know what sort of ROI you’re getting. Are there some keywords that work exceptionally well and do you have any that you now know are underperforming?

Many thanks to Karl of Wholesale Clearance for the screen grab of AdCommerce ROI Metrics which was first published at “First look at AdCommerce ROI metrics

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  1. Can’t find the data yet, if it does turn up it will be interesting to see.

    We get a good number of clicks for a minimal ammount of outlay. We only have one ad running which one of the guys at adcom set up for me, whatever the buyer searches for it automatically alters the ad header to the search term, I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that so worth giving one of the team a bell if anyone wants to know.

    All my previous ad’s got pulled down by eBay for breaking policy rules.

  2. Hi
    I am real excited about the new reports but I don’t see them on mine. Do we have to do something to view all the selling info.
    I have been using ad commerce for awhile now and it really helps against the competition.
    Sometimes you have got to spend a little money to make a little money.




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