Spoonfeeder shutting up shop?

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spoonfeederIf you’ve ever registered with eBay listing/management/hosting provider Spoonfeeder, you’ve probably received this email this morning:

We regret to inform you that SpoonFeeder will cease business operations immediately. Although some parts of the system may remain operational for a very short time, we cannot guarantee how long.

Please take immediate steps to end, revise or relist your item listings with another tool (such as eBay’s free tools), as SpoonFeeder features such as picture hosting and hit counters will be discontinued abruptly. Please take immediate steps to minimize the impact to your item listings.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience our sudden shutdown may cause.

I’m 95% certain it’s not a spoof: I’ve received it on both the email addresses I had registered with Spoonfeeder, and an awful lot of other eBay sellers have also received it. If, of course, there’s a follow-up email from another listing software provider, I might reconsider that thought. 😉

At time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be any further information on Spoonfeeder’s website, and listings using their hosting still appear to be working. How long that might last is anyone’s guess: it’s a reminder, if we needed another one, to host your images somewhere that stays under your control.

More info if we get it.

Update: email confirmed genuine. Sorry to see Spoonfeeder go: they were a life-saver for me. 🙁

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  1. We haven’t received the email despite being registered with Spoonfeeder for several years. The program still seems to work correctly although we have never used their hosting services.

  2. Sorry to see them go, sign of the times I am afraid.

    Monetizing software for eBay has always been hard going, even more so recently due to not only the economic climate, but also eBays API, especially for SellYourItem, its needs deep pockets and in house programmers to keep it upto date, something not all third party developers can afford to do.

    I, at AuctionPix (.co.uk) dropped support for listing creation and launch a few years ago, and just stuck to basics – image hosting and display and some advanced tools not dependant on listing launch.

  3. Update for you :

    I have just now spoken with Dean, the owner of Spoonfeeder. Not a happy time for him and his family at the moment I am afraid, and this closure was not planned for.

    On his behalf, many apologies to those reading this and affected by this closure, and if it could have been done any other way or prevented, it would have been.

  4. I just got the email notice and I have to say it is a shock, a total shock. I have relied on Spoonfeeder for years and I have invested countless hours in creating and maintaining Spoonfeeder files. This is going to have a major, major impact on my business. No warning!! With Auctiva going to a paid service recently, is there any other software solution besides Spoonfeeder that will allow for auction scheduling? 😥

  5. Stunned! Where do we go from here, I picked the software up as my first selling tool and have not looked at alternatives for five years, now I feel completely in the dark.

  6. yes its tru i got the e-mail too and i’m from the uk,i dont have many listings on ebay at the mo thank god so i feel sorry for the people with hundreds or thousands ;0(
    my listing have not changed upto now,they are still all ok,we bough 4 spoonfeeders altogther 2 for ourselfs and one for my sis and one for father in-law so i’m really peed off,they could have at least given some explanation in the e-mail but NO NOTHING,i thought they were a good company but obviously not 👿 😥

  7. ebays blackthorne software schedules by itself and via ebay,

    and it was only a matter of time that music just had to go

  8. SF were squeezed by their bank – the commercial property loan was up for renewal and their bank pulled the plug despite not being in arrears.

    No hope of sourcing alternative financing apparently – there’s a blog on Auctionbytes with more info.

    Alternatives – good place for seeing what alternative listing software is out there is auctionsoftwarereview.com

    For thise of us based in UK you can tailor the site to pick up specific mkts too…. and no I’m not related to the site!


  9. maybe all users could help them giving few dollars

    “Mr. Chandler said he would no longer be able to support the software. He estimated there were between one and two thousand active eBay sellers using SpoonFeeder, and 5,000 total casual users out of 14,000 total”

    lets say $10 x 2000= 20.000 and some more every month could maybe keep them alive, but i dont know if this can work, they of course have the email of all they’re customers and can contact them very quickly, in the world today we must have some solidarity… thanks to comment this post to see if my idea can make sense

  10. Loyal longtime users were already giving them money. It is too late now, considering how this has been handled, to
    even ask users for MORE money. We are too busy scrambling to save our stores from total melt down.

  11. It is a shame to see the Spoonfeeder business fail. The software worked great, and it will now be a scramble for lots of people to find a good replacement.

    It’s always a risk though when using software that requires the use of the vendors servers.

  12. hi there

    does anyone know whether (when the servers get turned of) we just lose the hosted picture or the picture plus the text in the description?

    i have 3300 listings currently using it and i am er concerned



  13. We have used SF for years and has always been reliable… Kind of wish we had some warning, I have several listings out there right now… We were paying $10 a month and were very happy… None of the other auction software companies are any good, you cant make sub folders to save files on, no image hosting, very slow web based uploads that are rediculous!… sure are gonna miss you spoonfeeder!…can we buy the company?

  14. why dont they put a monthly charge , im sure most users who depend on this kind of service would pay , i would no problem sorry to see them go , may be someone would ask to owner see if we can get it up and running again

  15. i used auctiva and still have a free account there, they are good to get the carousel slide show, but since they charge for using the service its rip off… i think the best at moment for me will be turbolister and using the html from spoonfeeder + a free pics hosting and keep my template as i was using spoonfeeder only to list items

  16. It would be hard to get the service up
    and running again if they no longer
    have access to the building or equipment.

  17. According to the article on Auctionbytes, “The software will work for a while for those with their own FTP servers.”
    That would apply to the bronze level, and anyone who willing to switch over their photo hosting. (Photobucket is great.)
    I just tested SF, and it’s still uploading listings. But I had hoped to grab the latest version of the software, and now the site is down. 🙁
    Is there a mirror anywhere to download the final version of Spoonfeeder? I think someone should set that up. I would if I had the latest version.

  18. if they can get the site back on the server and put a $5 per month to see how it goes , dont know how much work to do this lol, but im sure its worth a try , just send a bulk email asking for support , to see how much feedback they get hopefully it will work

  19. What a shame – brilliant site – can anyone tell me the best site to go to now that doesnt charge for additional photos,and will scheldule upload as I mainly do low cost items for a charity.RIP Spoonfeeder –

  20. Very sorry to see SpoonFeeder go. The eBay software market is a huge one and there is enough room for a quite a few listing products. AuctionSplash has more current users than SpoonFeeder and as the developer for AuctionSplash I would like to invite you to take a look at http://www.auctionsplash.com AuctionSplash is free, PC based and has as many features as SpoonFeeder with some more as well. We are also introducing a web version of AuctionSplash in the next week and this will also be free.
    Please take a look, AuctionSplash might be just what you need.

  21. I have used Spoonfeeder for 4 years and it help take me to powerseller level and get over all the ‘humps’ eBay put in the way recently. To lose Spoonfeeder is a massive blow. I thought long and hard about how to make it work without the hosting, but it all got too difficult.
    I am now busy converting over 400 listings to inkfrog. I am already seeing pictures disapear and will have to act quickly. Many of the template images have already gone so my listings look awful, but they are still there and I have a while to try to make them work.
    For those sticking with it I have v 5.96 of the software and could upload it to a fileshare site – [email protected] if you are interested…

  22. I was a paid subscriber to Spoonfeeder and absolutely love the program. Any software that helps make your work go easier is always worth paying for, in my opinion.
    I received the first email that said SpoonFeeder charged $10.00 for my monthly February subscription payment via paypal. The second email arrived SIX seconds later ~ We are OUT OF BUSINESS!
    Could the timing have had something to do with getting one last payment out of your paid subscribers???? Hard to believe you had no knowledge that you were going to shut down. Who cares about the $10.00! I have a problem with the fact that they just dumped on all of their loyal subscribers and gave them no advance notice so they could
    get set up with another program.
    ………. Just sayin’

  23. I have used SF since 2004 & its always been pretty good! Support was good too. A bit shocked at hoq abruptly it ended but i would happily pay and extra 10p per auction towards them or a yearly subscription of up to £50. Shame they are going. Thanks to all the staff who did make it possible for as long as they did though. Im now looking for an alternative.

  24. We don’t sell much on eBay due to what we do but you could contact Just Applications as we user their listing tool Ad-lister. However, you may need to convince them to just offer the software at a fee as we had the store branded as well.

  25. I have used Spoonfeeder for five years and for a U.S. based ebay store with an owner in Canada it was superb… someone needs to buy this company and get it up and running again… Inkfrog is hosting my listings on a free trial but I can’t get Inkfrog to work for me with an address in Canada and an ebay.com store. It just won’t work and no help from the support team that makes any sense to me. Can anyone suggest an alternative that will host 20 or more very large photos for every listing… this is my living… I am near having a panic attack…

  26. The spoonfeeder website is totally gone now. Even emails to their domain addresses bounce. I only received the one email from them and then poof! gone! Oh well, too hard of a program to master anyways, time to search for a new ebay tool.

  27. SpoonFeeder customers should try Vendio for their listing. We have an easy eBay export which imports directly into Vendio. Vendio also comes with Amazon sales automation and a free online store.

    Customers can try free for 60 days at https://www.vendio.com


  28. 🙁 I am a paid member of Spoonfeeder. I hav’nt recieved any e-mail to say that it is ending. No doubt
    we wont be getting a refund of what is owing. I am also with another site which does template’s etc which is called Picnik, it only cost £6 to join for the year and you can also alter your photo’s i.e putting lipstick on/foundation to be honest it is 100% better than spoonfeeder anyway. I also used that site aswell as spoonfeeder.
    P.s Thanks for the E-mail/letting me know ( NOT )


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