eBay Canada item location tests in Best Match

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eBay Canada are starting starting this week giving different priority based on Item Location.

Best Match on the Canadian site has for some time given a boost in search to domestic items, in the belief that buying from your own country is a better buying experience than a cross border transaction. This will be suspended if you’re in one of the test groups so that eBay can gauge how much the item location affects buyer behaviour.

For sure it’s often a simpler quicker buying experience to buy from a domestic seller but I’m constantly amazed when I buy from overseas just how quickly items are delivered – often faster than some UK sellers appear able to despatch.

We know that many TameBay readers are based overseas, but sell into the UK. Also many sellers based in the UK make a large proportion of their income through selling outside the UK. How important is cross border trade to your business? Would you prefer equal visibility for yourself and sellers from other EU countries, what about the Far East or sellers from the US where customs charges come into play?

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  1. Canada without the Trade to the USA is like Scotland without England
    to Trade with
    its Barmy to obscure or hide folks from your largest trading partner

  2. if I pay a listing fee I want as many people on the planet to see that listing and as easily as possible

  3. Do eBay Canada and eBay UK/USA ever communicate with each other?

    This puts a big question mark on the ethics of charging for international visibility when ebay sellers are being advised that this is a fee for providing a level playing field on overseas eBay sites.

    Do those from outside the UK pay an international visibility fee to list on eBay UK?

  4. I have said all along that :

    ebay.co.uk should be for UK buyers only
    ebay.de should be for German buyers only
    ebay.fr should be for French buyers only
    etc etc etc……

    …and create ebay.us for USA buyers only.

    If sellers want to sell worldwide or buyers want to buy worldwide then go to ebay.com 🙂

  5. all this reminds me of the yellow pages of years ago
    which covered a whole area and was very effective ,
    then some smart arse decided to split it up into smaller sections, it then cost you twice as much to gain the same coverage ,with less effect



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