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There’s been an important change on eBay.com Motors today with the introduction of Parts Compatibility Listings. A Parts Compatibility Listing enables you to list a single car part on eBay.com and include every relevant model that that part is suitable for.

Up until now in order to get the best visibility if a part fitted multiple models you’d have to list it multiple times (within the duplicate listing policy) with each model in the item title. With Parts Compatibility Listings you can now, at least on eBay.com motors, have a single listing which will be presented to all buyers looking for that part for their specific car.

Buyers will be able to view listings matching their car’s year, make and model in the search results pages and instantly verify the part or accessory will fit their vehicle by looking at the compatibility section of the list. It’s important to realise that compatibility information will be used in search results but simply itemising models that your part fits in the item description won’t enable buyers to find your listing.

Currently eBay’s Turbo Lister, Blackthorne, Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro all support the new Parts Compatibility Listing format as do third party listing tools ChannelAdvisor and Infopia. Once listed compatibility will appear as an extra tab alongside the Description, Shipping and Payment and Related item tabs.

This is a feature that I’ve been asking eBay for for years, especially for computer accessories where a power supply might fit multiple different laptops, so I hope that now it’s been introduced for eBay.com Motors it’ll be rolled out to more categories and Internationally.

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