eBay launches new iphone apps for sellers, Classifieds

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eBay have launched two new free apps for the iphone today: one for selling on the main eBay.com site, and one for both buying and selling on the new eBay Classifieds site. They’re both looking pretty slick: check out the videos below for a demo.

eBay mobile’s success is staggaring: eBay say that more than 8 million people have used their iphone to access the site, and that this year, they expect the mobile platform to generate $1.5 billion in merchandise volume (that’s up 250% from 2009’s $600 million). With that astonishing amount of shopping going on in the US, it’d be nice if the eBay UK mobile app caught up a little though.

Bonus: you may never have the chance to hear the phrase “handy histogram” again.

Burning question: when iphone apps have easy instant links to Twitter and Facebook accounts, isn’t about time we had a bit of that on the main site too?

How’s eBay Mobile working for you? Personally I’m bionically attached to my computer so never use it, but if you’re listing while you’re on the bus and shopping in the supermarket queue, leave us a comment.

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  1. Nice app. I use eBay mobile- it’s great for checking offers. I have been known to accept offers while in traffic queues on M4. However recently best offers have not been appearing, so I have been using it less.

  2. The iphone app is excellent for checking sales while out and about.

    Everytime I visit a supplier I check my Ebay app for any last minut orders

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