If you’re withdrawing money from PayPal, read this first!

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If you’re taking money out of PayPal today, be careful where you click. Since PP UK started offering faster withdrawal with a £5 fee last October, PayPal’s merchants have been clicking on the top link by mistake, and being charged a fiver for the privilege. Now (just as we’ve got used to it), they’ve swapped the links around.

PayPal withdrawals

Free, slow withdrawal is top and fast, pay-for withdrawal is down the bottom. There’s a shiny eBay keyring for the first person to click the wrong link :mrgreen:

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  1. It is bad that we should pay atall.

    With our 2 paypal accountas, we withdrawn twice amonth. The big problem is that ‘paypal credits to our accounts take. not the 2-3 days they should to transfer, but 5-8 days in the main.
    Ive been watc hing this lately, & the last crdit was withdrawn on the 17/3, but only arrived taday 24/3.

    Amazon payments only take 2 days to credit………….

    Question is who’s holding the money back.. Paypal or our Banks…..????.

    Still not prepared to pay a fiver to get our own Money..

  2. The faster withrawl link was removed from my paypal accounts some weeks ago so i no longer have that problem.

  3. Yes….OK…I admit it, after all my years on Ebay (karenswift13), being very careful not to be scammed, my record has been tarnished and last night I fell for this change of order on the withdrawl and it cost me a fiver !!
    This is nothing but a blatent attempt to decieve, no other reason to change it and I am annoyed…..annoyed that I fell for it !
    I came on tamebay to warn people about it but you guys beat me to it.
    It has caught a few people out according to the powersellers forum

  4. countless thousands the buggers make out of us, and they have the cheek to charge a fiver for better service what a bunch of shylocks

  5. Meeeeee! i win the shiny key ring!
    I completely missed what it said.
    Add to that, it took from last wednesday to Monday to reach my bank account so i really think i win the key ring!

    Best wishes

  6. Reading the comments above the wrire withdrawal is still very much there i promise you!

  7. Sorry me again but didnt Paypal (UK) used to charge to withdraw less than £50 a few years ago?

  8. The link is there in my account but I rarely see it as I choose withdraw from the top menu on the home page & go straight to the withdrawal page.

    I know the link is there though, as I looked for it when the £5 withdrawal fee was first introduced.

  9. By Paypal changing the position in this way shows little integrity and to be honest borders on deceptive fraud.

  10. Gerry007 on first post. You have 2 paypal accounts and you only withdraw twice a month?
    I would suggest that if you have a balance of £5o or more you should withdraw at any time.
    As for Amazon payments they only pay out every couple of weeks do they not?

  11. On the PayPal site the “withdraw” link has a sub menu item “Transfer to Bank account.” If you click on the “Withdraw” link you should find you’re given the choice of options normal or fast for a fiver.

    If however you click on the dropdown link “Transfer to bank account” it will have no options. On mine it defaults to the normal 2-3 days (yeah in your dreams) option. No idea if it does that for everyone else. But it might go someway to explain why some have got caught out if the standard option is not the default for whatever reason.

  12. ###### UPDATE ######

    After emails backwards and forward I have now had £5.00 credited back into my Paypal account

    This is after I got absolutley STUPID emails back from some numpties at paypal trying to defend this…..including this email…
    ” Before the quickdraw feature was introduced to them, all PayPal customers are used to click on the top link (which is the only link available at that
    time) to have their funds withdrawn to their Bank account. And then right
    after the quickdraw feature was introduced, since this is the top link showing now, some could have mistakenly selected that link for their supposed to be regular withdrawal.
    To avoid this from happening again, PayPal swapped the links around” 😀 😀

    SO….they admitted that there was a problem when the charge option was first introduced, so they decided to swap it around to cause more confusion !!

  13. …confused. Screenshot implies that UK PP account holders can withdraw to a US account? Really?

  14. Yes, assuming you have a US $ bank account in the USA – then yes you can add it and withdraw to it no problem


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