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If you’ve ever wanted to sell accessories on eBay this listing will make your day! Customise your order by adding accessories, which in this example includes memory cards, batteries, cases and warranty.

As you add or remove accessories from the selection offered on the listing the price is automatically adjusted and the “more info” links for accessories open up a window with an image of the accessory and product description.

If this rolls out across the whole of eBay it’ll revolutionise the way many sellers list and buyers purchase. Up selling and cross selling is normally the kingpin of most retail businesses and the ability to properly do this on eBay will be a major leap forward.

So what do you think? If “Customise your kit” was available for all listings would you use it? If so for what sort of products and what accessories would you be adding?

Thanks to eBay_andy for the heads up

7 Responses

  1. Please Please Please let this roll out……..i have to manually list and link upgrades or accessories in each listing and this would simplify the whole process not only for myself but more importantly for the customer….this is a must!

  2. Yes, lets see this in the UK – would be fab – In fact ebay bring it b4 the summer and I will buy very member of the team a cream cake.

  3. Yes it’s a great idea. However, how long before some bright spark at eBay decides that these additional items can be from other sellers and not always your other items.

  4. Nice feature. I remember there was a seller that I bought a few computers from who had their own system set up to do this sort of thing. The problem is that it had to create a listing specifically for the customization you created. Their store was littered with customizations that potential buyers created but never actually bought.

  5. This has the potential to be huge, targeted cross-selling has been proven for years.

    eBay’s cross selling as been somewhat poor for just about the same amount of time as its replied upon generic rules or for the seller to understand wtf the cross promotions manager is and even then its rule set is limited.

    Very neat idea indeed, looking forward to that in the September update 🙂




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