If you sell overseas you may lose PowerSellers status

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It’s April and dates for the new PowerSeller qualifications (18th April) and Minimum Seller Standards (20th April) are looming, and sellers are starting to realise whether they’ll continue to qualify or not.

The minimum seller standards will see the end of “Standard” PowerSellers. It’ll still be possible to be a “Standard” Seller, but in reality you’ll either be “Above Standard” but not qualify to be a PowerSeller, or you’ll be “Below Standard” and face sanctions such as being demoted in search.

The PowerSeller criteria will be relaxed to allow lower volume sellers to qualify, but importantly some high volume sellers will now be excluded. The new criteria are “A minimum of 100 transactions and minimum sales volume of £2000 to eBay UK and eBay.ie buyers per 12 months”. On the face of it this looks easier to achieve than the current “Minimum of 100 items sold per month or minimum sales volume of £750 for three consecutive months” but importantly the old criteria didn’t stipulate that sales should be to UK and IE buyers.

Sellers who predominantly sell outside the UK, which will include those that list on eBay.com, could easily fail to qualify under the new criteria. Unless they make 100 sales and £2000 per year to UK or Irish customers it appears they’ll no longer be PowerSellers.

I’ll nail my colours to the mast… my main account will continue to be a Top Rated PowerSeller. My secondary selling account has already been downgraded to a basic shop and will close for good as soon as the new criteria come into effect. So what’s the situation for you? Will you continue to be a PowerSeller? Will you retain your Top Seller Status? Are you in danger of not qualifying for the new minimum seller standards which means you’ll be demoted in search?

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  1. Chris:

    ‘Unless they make 100 sales (or £2000 per year) to UK or Irish customers it appears they’ll no longer be PowerSellers’

    Surely it is AND not or?

  2. Another reason for wanting to maintain powerseller status is that when your listings are viewed by buyers on a site where TRS has not been implemented, eg Australia, France etc., the powerseller logo is still displayed.

    This is in fact ALL sites worldwide except UK, DE, AT, CH, US.

  3. nearly 12 years we have been powersellers of one form or another, we are currently TRS on 4 accounts
    and to be honest we dont give a bugger,, past caring ,pan knocked in, call it what you will,
    we have had it with Dsrs, percentages. above standard ,below standard average, 4point .this and 4point that
    lowered in search, enhanced in search,
    ding dong ring a dingle ding

  4. no point in worrying about it

    in 6 months or so they will simply move the goalposts again.

  5. We have been powersellers for the past 10 years and we are also past the caring mode. ebay can play their own game and see their sellers slowly vanish(surprise surprise..).

  6. in 6 months or so they will simply move the goalposts again.

    Even that wouldn’t be so bad if you knew what game you were playing and the rules of the game. Unfortunately ebay don’t seem to know what the game is called and the rules change with the wind.

    Stability – that’s all we want. We can change strategies and work within any set of rules – Just stick to them

  7. I am TRS on 2 accounts (one at 100%; other at 99.9%), but it could easily go to below standard with a few dodgy transactions, and being measured over 12 months (rather than 3). My view now is to do all I can to avoid having poor DSR feeback, this involves answering questions ultra quickly; list items with OTT quality control; refund the day the item comes back; OTT with customer comms. To sell used goods and keep “item as described” under 1% will be an achievement….time will tell.

  8. I really don’t care anymore, there are not enough hours in the day to list, sell, keep on top of eBays changes and have a life. I decided last year that I already offer a 5* service, if that’s not good enough so be it, nothing more I can do.



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