Protecting sellers from feedback abuse/misuse

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eBay promised a while ago that they would start protecting sellers so that a small group of buyers cannot cause them to lose their status, such as eBay Top-rated status.

We’ve now got a screen shot showing this in action, the seller has had a low DSR removed by support because it was inconsistent with their normal level of service. According the the screen shot low DSRs are only counted if they are from 2 or more buyers, or for high volume sellers from 3 or more buyers.

If you feel that you’ve received any low DSRs which are inconsistent with your normal performance it may well be worth telephoning PowerSeller Support and asking them to review them with a view to removal. Let us know if your seller dashboard has been adjusted to remove any unusual low DSRs.

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  1. If the DSRs were a fair system we wouldn’t need protecting from feedback abuse/misuse in the first place.
    As for support being able to assist with this, what a joke! Have tried and failed more times that I care to count to get them to respond in a helpful manner about DSRs. I get more response from my office wall. If ebay could be awarded DSRs for communication they would be the first in line to get it scrapped.
    Another useless thing to placate us into thinking ebay actually value or want to help us sellers.

  2. received a negative last week from overseas buyer who refused to pay anymore than uk postage,we refunded and received a negative which ebay would not remove.our feedback is over 10,000 with 2 negs for the same reason advise me please is this seller abuse

  3. The problem with DSRs is that they are one-sided confidential. It’s not possible to flag to support or PAM that there is a problem if you can’t identify that a problem exists.

    The only answer is the disinfection of sunlight: the DSRs should be published openly with the feedback.

  4. We get a few of our low DSRs removed most months, although our success rate at doing this does depend on who we speak to.

    It’s a farcical way to run a business, but this is what eBay has become. Why eBay are still persevering with DSRs when they cause so much hassle is beyond me.

  5. I wonder if the seller in the example above had to ask for these DSRs to be disregarded, or did it happen on eBay’s initiative?

    It seems that in many cases retaining Top Seller Status requires having the time to take suspicious ratings up with customer support, coupled with a forceful and/or persuasive telephone manner.

  6. 80% of the negative feedback that I receive is from NEW BUYERS, people who just setup their account. These type of people are either new to the eBay environment or intend to target feedbak by purchasing the cheapest thing they can. I urge eBay to introduce a new stardard to stop new buyers from leaving Negative feedback until they have reasched their first Star (10 feedbacks). This in my opinion will make the marketplace more trustworthy.

  7. Only then do they leave positives and score 5 for each of the DSR’s as they then begin to appreciate the implications of not doing.

    …Very optimistic of you. Let’s be honest, the highest abusers of feedback by buyer/sellers.

    How many times have you messed up an order, posted the wrong item or something but still receive glowing feedback from the buyer…However, post the right item via freepost adding in a free gift etc and the buyer leaves a negative saying something like “Not quite as blue as in the pic”

    Negative feedback generally sideswipes you when from transactions you least expect.

    My opinion on feedback is thus:

    *Remove the ability the leave comments.

    *When leaving a positive FB, the option of leaving a 1 or 2 is greyed out.

    *When leaving a 1 or 2, it must be acompanied by a claim of some sort, INR SNAD etc.

    I don’t want to know that I was a “great ebayer” whatever that means these days. It’s all a bit childish. We sell, they pay, we post, they receive…job done.

    Just remember eBay, my Paypal account holds a lot of money, money that I can easily spend on eBay…However, fail to protect me as a seller and fail to look after me as a seller, I will fail to continue buying on eBay.

  8. I tried to get a DSR removed from my personal account not my business account – I am not a power seller on my personal account, but was told that there was nothing to be done even though it was the only “1/2” I have been left since they bought in the DSRs

  9. This is not protecting someone from abusive buyers. How is this any different than back in the day when neutrals didn’t count against your BDR unless you had at least one (might have been two) negatives? Get two or more abusive buyers in a 12 month period and whatever protection you had is immediately revoked.

  10. IF you want the feedback system to change you need to stop using it.

    nearly every seller is a buyer and nearly everyone of them leaves DSR’s as they realise their importance to the seller.

    stop leaving DSR’s and if the “metrics” get low enough ebay will change the system.

    no guarantee it will be for the better though.

    but sellers are always complaining ebay only listens to buyers and forget that they are buyers themselves.

    Using a system you hate as a seller when you are buying is a tad hypocritical don’t you think?

  11. as long as its fair we dont care
    though it seems if you know the ropes and which plonker to plonk at you get better treatment

  12. Low and Behold, What is wrong with this world, and Donohoe!! They have goine insane, and it’s been a long time passing with Dynamo Meg-a Money Whitman.

    What are these well trained, lol, business people doing, to Ebay first off, sending customers away and sellers.

    Secondly, I have had enough just looking at this Lame DSR Ruination of Ebay!!!!! Hoe Where did you get this insane Idea? While You were on Twitter as they call you Big or Tall Boy?
    Dorky ya think!!!!

    Please Let’s All Write Him and His Fog Brained Owner, who’s doing nothing in Hawaii but enjoying life.


  13. What you all need to keep in mind that it is the minority of you sellers who are complaining about DSR.

    On the whole, DSR system has done a lot of good for the eBay site and improved the buyers’ trust in doing business. It helped get rid of a lot of fraudulent sellers who were scaring away the buyers.

    KEEP this in mind before dissing

  14. Ebay have & will continue with the DSR system, as it gives them complete control of who gets staus & discounts.

    I personally am rather sad at the way ebay has pushed out ‘good’ sellers, but obviously not everyone is ‘good’.

    If ebay wanted to ‘fix’ this and make it fairer, tehre are ways they could.

    Think about this:

    Item as described;
    Buyers leaving 1-2 OR 3-4 should be made to state what the problem is & ebay should forward the (unsigned) comments to the seller. This way we could at least know what was wrong & whether it is right or not.

    We send emails for purchse/money received/dispatch/INR/Item delayed etc, etc, etc, etc……….yet still get bad marks on Comms.
    Ebay want to fix the SMP email faults, so buyers actually get the mail.
    MUST SAY here though, emails generated by SMP, usually end up in the buyers Spam folder….

    Easily fixed though, The emails sent to any one buyer, could be counted by the servers & if a buyer trys to leave 3-4 or below, the system makes them state what the comms filure was. The system could do this automatically after say a minimum of 3 emails are sent (including from SMP).

    Dispatch time;
    Dead easy this one & one of our worse offenders:

    Every listing has an estimated dispatch time (ebays version of contractual dispatch {see their email that seller receive after an item is sold}).

    If an item is marked as dispatched ( and dispatch email sent) by the seller, then provided it is within the stated dispatch time in the listing, the seller cannot leave a 1-2 & could only leave a 3-4 if the dispatch time was, say after 24 hours after the stated dispatch time).

    Postage and packaging charges;

    Ws ee our competitors charge upto 75% more than us for P&P. But for some reason, once again we get a clobbering, when they maintain high DSR for this.

    Maybe a fix, is to highligh the P&P when say bebefore they commit to buy. That way at least they know (and cannot say it’s to high later) what they are paying, although buyers are getting worse at this.

    With ebay customer service (average buyers) continue to tell buyers to NEG the sellers, this won’t change.

    We have also noticed it’s the buyers that are not regular eaayers (low feedback & low yearly use/purchases) that use & abuse the dsr/feedback system most.

    Ebay should support it’s sellers from the mindless (and sometimes drunk buyers), but no they say it’s a fair world & feedback is between the seller & buyers, knowing that bad feedback/low dsr’s damages the seller & ebay get more money in fees from them (that is until the slers’ sale dive & they leave the site. So ebay then loose….oh along comes seller B, & it all starts over again…

    Wing over guys……….for now!!

  15. “What you all need to keep in mind that it is the minority of you sellers who are complaining about DSR.

    On the whole, DSR system has done a lot of good for the eBay site and improved the buyers’ trust in doing business. It helped get rid of a lot of fraudulent sellers who were scaring away the buyers.

    KEEP this in mind before dissing”



  16. today I got a message from a buyer:

    Hi there,
    I just received my top, which is very nice, but when I opened the envelope, it was completely filled with ants. It was compleyely sealed and was placed in my dad’s hand as soon as it arrived. I tried to get as many as I could outside when I saw them, but now I have ant all over my house. There were a LOT of them.

    What to answer? Please send me back my ants!
    It was sent by air mail, filling the envelope completely with ants is too expensive by air mail.

  17. A reply;

    Sorry, these are not our’s, please contact Royal Mail as they obviously belong to someone else & have been delivered by mistake……….By them!!.


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