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A timely announcement from Amazon: items which are delivered by FBA will no longer be affected by a seller’s holiday settings. Sellers who aren’t able to dispatch items themselves can now use holiday settings to hide all their self-fulfilled listings from view, while items that Amazon dispatch for them will continue to be sold as normal.

Don’t know how to put your Amazon listings on holiday? Instructions are here, though do note that it can take up to 36 hours for everything to vanish from search results, so do it in plenty of time.

Given the problems with eBay’s vacation settings, and specifically that buyers watching a listing can still buy from it, I’m wondering what happens on Amazon if a buyer has put an item into their shopping basket before a seller has gone on holiday? Can they still checkout while the seller’s away? Any enlightenment from Amazon sellers will be gratefully received.

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  1. Sue, either your link “Instructions are here” is out of date or it is different for different sellers. My holiday settings are not in the place that is mentioned in this help file. They are in account information / listing status / set to inactive or set to active. This takes one hour to set not the 36 hours you quote.

  2. I’m guessing this is supposed to help the sellers but what about when the seller really is out for the holiday and can’t offer customer support to their constant stream of buyers?

    On eBay I always stopped selling two weeks before I would be gone because I didn’t want to leave my customers hanging.

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