DOTD Watch : You ARE responsible for items lost in the post

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This is just silly. Today’s DOTD’s return policy contains the frankly incredible sentence: “I can not be held responsible for postal problems. I will supply full proof of sending if a claim is to be made.”

1) The law says you’re responsible. (The OFT’s guide, para. 3.36 sets this out succinctly.)

2) eBay says you’re responsible.

Don’t tell buyers you can’t be held responsible, because you can. Nuff said. Why on earth aren’t eBay picking up on things that are ?

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  1. “Don’t tell buyers you can’t be held responsible, because you can. Nuff said. Why on earth aren’t eBay picking up on things that are this glaringly wrong?”

    Because the vetting dept is a) run by donkeys or b) the legalities of 14 DOTD’s listings a week is to much for a multi billion dollar company to cope with.

  2. Postage charges not refundable?
    – yes they are

    Returns only accepted for unworn goods
    – buyer must be given right to examine, which includes trying on for clothing (seller might require hygiene strips etc to remain in place)

    There is a lot of vetting, but principally to ensure the product is of the right sort and right price.

  3. whats the point of ebay putting so much effort into trying to make sellers behave with DSRs etc etc etc ,when they allow such silly terms and conditions in their high visibilty flagship listings

  4. Hey, look on the bright side. The DOTD seller is giving us all the clearest of signals that they don’t use trackable postage. Let’s hope they aren’t swamped with INR Paypal claims.

  5. The vetting dept works like this..

    The listing is looked at by someone from a third world country that gets paid 30c a month, who because its not in the script they were given, passes it to their supervisor.

    The supervisor say he aint sure either ( why would they be? neither of them have ever sold anything) but he will escalate it to the vetting committee.

    3 months later the vetting committee replies that they are going to paint the bathrooms blue.

  6. OK DOTD provides a focal point for T&C that do not comply with the DSR.

    But there are many many many non DOTD listings that also do not comply.

    eBay with their dominant position in the marketplace should be so much better than this.

    Who is to blame?

    eBay blatantly needs a regulator with proper teeth.

    Ask Vince Cable?

  7. There is only one person to blame and that’s the company that chooses to have such terms.

    I agree that eBay should spot them and have them removed but these terms on their own breach nothing.

    So long as the seller doesn’t try to enforce them he can pretty much say what he likes – within reason.

    Looking at the listing though, the terms are ok, it’s only the “returns policy” section (at the bottom) outside of the actual listing that is wrong…I would guess that eBay checked the body of the description but failed to check the sellers actual return policy.

  8. the pink known as James is not keen on it being discussed on the PS board

    ‘I hate to mention a DOTD, but …..

    Then don’t, you know naming and shaming is against the rules on this board and you singled out a deal by describing the item. I’ve banned members permanently from this forum for refusing to stop naming and shaming items/listings.. you’re call.


    Veni, Vidi, Pink-i ‘

    I take that as condoning the policies of the DOTD seller and that isn’t good.

  9. Oh there’s another one from a weekly deal, also a T-Shirt;

    “Any postage costs, either incurred by you when returning the item, or the cost of postage when your order was originally dispatch, are non-refundable”

    eBay’s vetting team (if it actually exists) have more dropped balls than Robert Green.

  10. If eBay wants to be a retail ‘brand’ in it’s own right then it must take ultimate responsibility for the terms and conditions of sale.

    As a buyer, I would perceive that any items selected for DOTD or Buy Box, i.e. items promoted by ebay above and beyond the normal search results should be ‘cast-iron’ safe and secure in all respects.

    If eBay does not have the systems in place to police this then it will do more harm than good to the ebay site and brand. When DOTDs frequently and blatantly breach basic consumer rights, it says only bad things about the culture and competence of the ebay operation.

    Either make a proper job of it, or retreat make to being ‘just a marketplace’.

  11. Agreed, it’s a false economy. If eCommerce wants to keep on increasing at this fantastic rate then consumers need to be protected and have confidence in the market, the first time you get ripped off is normally the last.

  12. A quick tenuously linked question to all you posting experts out there 🙂

    I know I have to refund outbound postage to buyers within the UK, but do I have to refund a customer in Ireland?? (Irish republic)

    A customer has bought a pair of shoes that don’t fit and is requesting a “full” refund…..

  13. if ebay cant vet these things

    how is it then if I try to mention Knife, Nazi, Ivory,
    or Klu Klux Clan in a listing
    my Computer just about goes into orbit
    and the Ebay police batter at my Door

  14. I wonder if eBay doen’t want to get to closely involved with terms because it is a legal matter and that if a company has terms that are incorrect this is somthing that needs to be challanged within a legal framework.

    There is the following line within the OFT’s guide: “Please note that this is only a general guide and you should not
    regard it as a statement of how the law applies in every situation”.

  15. eBay should impose standard return policies (and wording) fir all business sellers. A homogenised system will give buyers confidence.

  16. From today’s DOTD
    “Once your goods are accepted back into stock you will be issued with an exchange or refund – usually within 7-10 working days. We regret postage and packaging cannot be refunded unless we have made a mistake or the shoes are faulty”

    Thats 3 lots of bent return policies in 3 days

  17. The thread re yesterday’s DOTD issues has been removed from the Powerseller Discussion Board (presumably for ‘naming and shaming’).

    Today’s DOTD appears to have the same issue re postage not being refunded.

    Ho hum



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