eBay add Custom Label field to Selling Manager Pro

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eBay have added the ability to add/edit/delete custom label field in Selling Manager Pro. Previously these were only accessible in TurboLister and are commonly used by sellers for SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) reference numbers.

SKU references are important for many third party post sales applications including accounting packages such as Tradebox. Tradebox collects sales invoices and posts them to Sage, and it’s essential that the Sage SKU references are held in the custom label field so that the stock can be depleted as items are sold.

The problem was you could list an item using TurboLister with your SKU in the custom label field, but then it was pretty much lost and unable to be retrieved. By adding the custom label field to Selling Manager Pro sellers are now able to actively manage their listings and sort by SKU.

This is important as you may have items with different titles and listings formats with the same SKU, for instance you may sell an item in singles, 5s and 10s but they’re all essentially the same product. By enabling custom label fields you’ll now be able to find all similar items that you have listed on eBay easily and simply as well as editing your SKU numbers on live listings as required.

Many thanks to TameBay reader Glenn for spotting this new feature and giving us the heads up.

6 Responses

  1. Good move and makes the label much more useful.

    I also notice that they’ve added search by buyer name (real name, not just user ID). Also a good development.

    Next step: ability to search by partial match in SMP on custom label so you can find families of products.

  2. Custom label has been available as a displayable and sortable column (but not editable) in SM for ages. I have been using it for at least 3 years as far as I can remember.

    I used to upload listings using Spoonfeeder (RIP) and edit the custom label using File Exchange until SF started allowing you to add the label.

  3. Am I missing somthing I’ve been useing and editing the custom lable for years.

  4. Wow this is such a great improvement. I never understood why SKU was exclusive to Turbo Lister or the API. Whenever I wanted to add a SKU to one of my listings I always had to write a custom script to do it for me. My own applications can use this field for certain purposes and I’d often get questions from sellers who couldn’t figure out how to set it because they only used Selling Manager and SYI.

  5. Slightly off topic, does Tradebox work for AU sellers? If not, are there any other recommendations for me please?



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