eBay.com highlight delivery times in feedback

In what appears to be a huge step forward eBay.com has started highlighting delivery times on the feedback page. Griff (Jim Griffith) of eBay radio fame has posted an image on the eBay radio facebook page showing the message “According to our records your item was delivered on July 23rd”.

This is something that’s only appearing on eBay.com, and I’m guessing it only occurs where eBay can see the tracking information so it’s likely to be limited to carriers like USPS and UPS.

If this is expanded across sites it’ll be a very welcome move and also opens the door for eBay to start offering guidance or even forcing buyers to leave high DSRs for despatch time where the seller delivers in the promised time frame.

Any decision on whether it will be rolled out in the UK for Royal Mail or not is probably a long way in the future, but it’s good to see that eBay are making moves to be more proactive in showing promised delivery times to buyers are met.

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yeah right so what happens when it shows according to our records it has not been delivered because some ned has not scanned the barcode

northumbrian • 31st July 2010 •

The buyer can then pretend they haven't received it and ask for a replacement/refund.

Oliver • 31st July 2010 •

The ethical thing to do would be to not mention that the item doesn't show delivery rather than pointing that out. That is very doable though whether eBay actually does that is another question.

ebuyerfb • 1st August 2010 •

And once more the interaction from the human being is removed from the transaction.

Bunchy • 31st July 2010 •

Sorry Chris, but I dont see this as a good move but a very bad one. North is right, the other day we had a item returned by a customer using recorded delivery and no scan was done. And what happens if RM lose the item of mail etc - the customer will be reminded of this when leaving feedback - here comes a negative feedback for the poor seller who has been let down by RM. Who loses out - the seller. Opens up even more buyer fraud.

Terry • 31st July 2010 •

whats to stop me entering the same tracking number for every item? especially Royal mailed signed for! where the Royal mail dont have a clue where it is until its delivered

northumbrian • 1st August 2010 •