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eBay have been tweaking the layout of “My eBay” overnight. At last instead of an annoying drop down list I can instantly see how many items have outstanding questions or Best Offers that I need to accept as well as how many items have bids on.

The new menu bar is a vast improvement over the previous drop down, although you’ll have to click the arrow for side to side scrolling unless you’re using a wide screen monitor. I’m all in favour of being able to see critical business information at a glance though so thumbs up to eBay for this one.

At the same time eBay are highlighting lists with the return of the purple box to make sure site users don’t miss out on them. I’ve always used a watch list and the addition of a research list makes sense to separate out items I might want to bid on from my competitors items that I’m keeping an eye on.

What I don’t quite get is the gift list and especially the wish list. For these to be truly useful I need a method to share them with friends and family who might be willing to cough up a few pennies to purchase them for me. I guess if I want someone to know what to buy me for Christmas or my Birthday I’ll just have to do it the old fashioned way and tell them what I’d like.

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  1. You like it?! I agree the part at the top that shows items with offers etc, is useful. What I don’t like is the box at the left side which won’t stay collapsed! I’m referring to the summary, which has Buy, Lists and Sell. I used to keep those parts collapsed, except for Sell. Now, although I can collapse them, they return to an opened state every time I go to another page! This didn’t happen before, so does anyone know a way I can fix them in the collapsed state?


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  2. I’m glad they are doing something about My Ebay.

    I have never liked it.
    And also sometimes it seems to go back in time with a very old orangey layout.

    I’m manly a seller to.

  3. Did we discover any way to get the Buy & Lists box at the left side to stay collapsed?



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