Business Seller Information glitch on eBay

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eBay have had a glitch with the display of Business Seller information and have posted on the Announcement Board to say that the issue has been resolved.

The problem was that clicking on the drop down was displaying a message that “Contact details are not currently available”. The resolution appears to have been to make them permanently available without the drop down.

It’s worth noting that if you view your listings on an alternative eBay site that the drop down was never in existence – the business seller information is permanently visible all the time.

This is likely once again to raise concerns from sellers who work from home, but it’s the law that you have to make your contact details available and it’s one of the drawbacks of online selling. The only question is to how visible they have to be and where and when they have to be displayed.

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  1. This isn’t the first glitch on this part of the product. Recently our phone information disappeared from this content and we had to replace it. It’s nice to be able to change this in one place, although I wish it would bulk update all live auctions. Given the relisting schedule, changes do filter through after a fortnight or so.

    Furthermore, recently we’ve been having a lot more people contacting us through ASQ since the click-arrow was implemented; we believe that some people don’t understand that they need to click to reveal the details.

    We have therefore included our full details in the additional legal information field so that they appear plain in the listing for people to see, rather than needing an interaction. Disappointingly this does not respect formatting of any kind so doesn’t look as good as we’d like it to.

    We have a business warehouse so we are not bothered about it being a home addresses that is published (although these are available from Companies House, I think!)

  2. I keep getting people asking to look at my stock when I’m supposed to be selling on-line. I don’t want strangers around my home so I tell them its all in self storage. Some advice available on line is don’t post that you’re going away on holiday on facebook as you’re letting people know your house is empty. Burglars are using facebook for this reason according to police. I wonder when professional tea leafs link eBays holiday settings, the business address and empty property together?

  3. Interesting. I’ve noticed that the “dropdown” arrow has disappeared from our contact information showing it in plain text again.

    I wonder if it will reappear

  4. Good & Bad.

    BAD, some people ringing all times of the day (& 11pm at night)

    Had a buyer spend £269 directly last week, who just rang the business info details.
    Ebay lost a good chumk of FVF…… Their choice!!

  5. not happy about google caching my details and bots traling the net looking up my info to put on lists to sell for £££

  6. Not happy at all about this.

    I have a statue blocked debt from 12 years ago.

    It can not be legally claimed back as no attempt was made in the first six years to claim it.

    Had a debt agency ring my eBay only phone number after purchasing an item from me to get this number. They found the eBay account from the information that google has been caching since eBay auto inserted the address rather than letting us put it on our tiered shop pages. This will only make it worse.

    Ex partners trashing peoples eBay accounts etc.

    Had to send a statue barred letter to this company citing harassment who had worked out my turnover thanks to eBay.

  7. When eBay started to insist on the same rules as EU distance selling regs (all websites must have an address shown) a few years ago I asked Business Link to confirm that the PO Box address I use was acceptable under those regs. They checked with Trading Standards (who enforce DSRs) and they confirmed that a PO Box address on a website and hence on eBay was perfectly in order.

    No need to publish your home address, as long as you are prepared to pay £90+ for a PO Box. Keeps the post dry too!


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