eBay to restructure discussion boards and community hub

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eBay have announced a total revamp of the eBay community pages to include new discussion boards, videos, social media integration and updated answer center and groups. The new community hub will go live on the 8th September for eBay UK and Ireland.

Be prepared for the discussion boards be “restructured and compressed to reflect the key topics of discussion by members”. Reading between the lines that implies that some boards are likely to be closed, merged or combined into the new boards.

One feature of the new functionality will be the ability to create user profiles with avatars and signatures as well as a public profile. In the answer center users that participate will accrue points to gain levels starting at Apprentice and moving through Junior, Senior and Graduate with the top level being Professor.

One major change will be limitations for posting IDs, if you have a feedback score of 10 or less you’ll be limited to ten posts per day on the new discussion boards. If you’ve got a current posting ID with less than 10 feedback it’s time to make some quick trades on eBay to ensure that you can carry on participating from the 8th September.

Threads on the current forums will be migrated across to the new boards so long as they’re not more than six months old. Groups inactive for six months or more will be deleted but questions and answers in the answer centre will be kept from the last three years.

If you want a sneaky look at what the new boards will look like it appears that the have already been upgraded. The German pages should be a good indicator for how the new UK community pages will appear as the new community pages will be launched to all EU sites including Germany, UK, France, Italy, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium

7 Responses

  1. Why are the boards going to be in French!

    Question et Reponse?
    Vendeurs de Puissance?

  2. As a somewhat infamous Q&Aer I am not sad to see it go or the rest of the changes.

    To be honest the quality of the advice given on the Q&A has really fallen away.

    The place went straight downhill after that Henry bloke left … lol



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