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Spotted on Facebook:

It doesn’t work like that. Some people only buy the product when it’s on promotion; some people only want to enter the competition; some people are going to take your freebie and run.

It’s the *other* people you’re after: the ones who try it, and like it; the ones who tell their friends; the ones who love how you’re making it fun. The problem is, you won’t know which kind of people they are until you reach out to them. Neither will they.

Am I your number one fan? Not before I’ve tried your product, and not before I’ve heard of you. That’s what your promotion is for.

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  1. I agree 100%. I would expect people to join and ditch in any given contest. It’s just a way to get your brand out there and give people a chance to try you out. If they like what they see, they’ll stay.

    It’s the same thing with coupons. We don’t really like TGIFridays but if they give us a BOGO, we’ll go eat there because its a good deal. We don’t like them enough to go when there isn’t a coupon, though. (loudest restaurant EVER!) But there are other restaurants that we first found because of a coupon and we go there all the time, coupon or no. We wouldn’t have tried them out without the coupon and we ended up being a regular customer.

    Contests and coupons get you eyeballs and potential customers… that is it. What you do with those eyeballs and how you convert those potentials into real customers is what makes it hard.

    Don’t bitch bc you can’t keep their eyes. It’s hard. Any clown shoe can give something away. What matters is what you do with the eyeballs that giving something away gave you.

    Oh and while we are talking about contests…. https://goo.gl/fb/S2Lo3

    I won’t even judge you a little if you enter and unfollow me after the fact. 🙂

  2. I’ve just set up a Facebook Fan Page for our product.
    We hope that members will recommend our product to their friends.
    We will be running competitions, so we will be watching out for the results.

  3. Good post Sue!

    It is true that the people that stay are the people you want.

    We have just started to get going now on Facebook, well mainly as I have just hired a new Brand Manager for the company, and running competitions does work, just over 100 fans in one night isn’t bad.

    I know they are not going to all stay but if it makes a few stay and a few buy it’s worth it as it costs nothing but some give aways!

    Also with things like facebook it’s how you treat you fans after that makes a difference, if you bombard them with offers all day long they will remove themselves!

    If you fancy winning upto £400 check out the fan page…..https://www.facebook.com/#!/urbanmalejewellery

  4. As if to prove the point, she has just posted this in response to her “regular fans”, who didn’t get why anyone would “like” a page, just to enter competitions on a fan page.

    “these are newbies who do it, don’t really care as we have so many regular and lovely fans anyway, and no cant really block them unless i had a spreadsheet of everyone’s name and updated everytime…and that would be a BIG spreadsheet…………lol”

    They *really* don’t get it!

  5. If anyone is really that interested type “Dropping like flies again since” into google, including quotation marks, and there is only 1 result! Sorry if i’m breaking board rules 🙂



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