“Add to list” now live on eBay UK listings

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eBay lists have gone live on listings with the appearance of the now familiar purple speech bubble to make sure you don’t miss the change. Now instead of click to simply “watch” an item, you can add it to a choice of preset “Watch”, “Wish”, “Gift” or “Research” lists or create new lists with your own titles.

I’ve still not quite gotten my head around the point of the new lists, especially the “Wish” list. Now if eBay would allow us to publish our wish lists either to chosen friends or to social media sites like Twitter then I might start using them. Imagine a few weeks before Christmas or my birthday if you saw a tweet on Twitter saying “Chris has added this eBay item to his wish list”, there just might be someone out there willing to buy my coveted item for me. As it is with lists remaining private there’s not a lot of point in populating most of them.

It is a nice feature to be able to separate research items listed by competitors from items that I might want to place a bid on, but apart from that I see little point in the lists. Am I missing something? What will you use the new list functionality for?

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  1. obviously ebay think were all do lally and have memory loss issues we need to add everthing to lists in case we forget

  2. there just might be someone out there willing to buy my coveted item for me

    Not only that but if it showed a particular auction there might be multiple people out there leading to a nice profit for eBay and the seller.

    On the other hand eBay can set up a tweet for you if you click on the “share” dropdown. Maybe some day they’ll get the idea to combine the two features.

  3. hmm if they were made public then it might encourage off ebay sales.

    Also looks to me like marketing by ebay by separating what you want with what you are just watching because its your rivals items.

    They can target you a bit better

  4. Oh I can just see it now

    Buyer – Wheres my item?

    Seller – You have not brought anything from us

    Buyer – But I added it to my list to buy

    Seller – You have added to our product to a list thats all, you have not brought it

    Buyer – I didnt know thought it was a basket

    TYPICAL Ebay buyer


  5. Your eBay wish list is private? That has to qualify for nomination for the Harpic Medal of the year.

    Tiny little Bonanzle has public wish lists. I have bought small gifts for others from their wish list there. Somebody got a sale and somebody else got something they wanted. I got to feel good about it.

    Win win win scenario.

  6. Do each of these buyer selections add to your seller watch count?

    Or is it just the original “Watch list” selection that is added?



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