Pay checks into PayPal with your iPhone

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Three Cheques in a week

TechCrunch reports that PayPal are to release a new version of their iPhone app, which will allow merchants to photograph the front and back of a check with their phone’s camera, and have it automatically added to their PayPal balance.

Before the spelling police get on to me, I do mean “check” – there’s no hint that this will be available beyond the US at the moment.

Some US banks already do this, but it’s a new one for PayPal and one I’d have dearly loved when I had to trudge to the bank daily with my handful of eBay cheques. Ain’t technology marvellous?

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15 Responses

  1. Wow. Too bad eBay doesn’t let us accept checks anymore. Having to go to the bank and not having a way to electronically process them was always a huge pain for me as an eBay seller.

  2. Wanna bet PayPal will ask for horrendous fees upon using this service as they ask for anything they offer?

    I really used to like PayPal but by now it seems more like a legal rip-off than a valid payment option. I’m using prepaid cards/paysafecard whereever possible now – much cheaper and also safer.

  3. Hi
    Sorry but after some advise
    Have been trading on ebay since 27/6
    have 175 positive feedbacks, dsrs of 4.93,4.91,4.96,4.97. No claims or disputes. No NEGS

    Still have payment hold on and paypal are saying it may stay for 6 months as that is the rule i comply with 5 of the 6 just not been on there for 6 months. iT IS killing me as nearly 1500 tied up!!!

    trade in home and garden so not high risk cat.

    Any advise is welcome???

  4. Don’t ask me why but Paypal apply random “security” measures to accounts so as to show they are actively protecting buyers.

    It often has nothing to do with your account etc, they just have to show that they are doing “something”.



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