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eBay have delayed the restructure of the community hub (new discussion boards, videos, social media integration and updated answer center and groups) for two weeks due to technical difficulties. For those who were mourning the loss of their favourite forums it’s a temporary reprieve, although we now don’t have a definite date for the change over.

There’s also some bad news for those who participate in eBay groups, due to more technical difficulties old threads will now not be transferred over to the new boards. Although your membership of groups will remain when you sign into your groups in the new community hub there’ll be no content.

eBay have helpfully suggested the same remedy as when they closed down eBay blogs – they’ll leave the old group pages live for an extra month to enable you to “transfer your original content over to the new site”. In other words if you want to keep your old threads it’s up to you to manually copy and paste them across one by one.

I’m not certain that losing content will make for an auspicious start to the new groups, but at least the latest threads on forums will be transferred (although finding them will be fun as some boards will be closed/merged into new ones). It’s going to be an interesting day when the restructure is eventually launched.

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  1. {ebay techy 1} “right are we ready to change over to this new hub?”

    {Ebay techy 2} “yep!!, Lets do it!”


    {ebay techy 2} “oh crap!!, nothing happened!!”

    {ebay techy 3} ” I told you we should have tested it before making the announcement!”

    (ebay techy 1} Don’t be silly, this is Ebay, we don’t do that kind of thing!”


  2. Sorry for the off topic help request.

    I am really struggling with my new laptops. I have a problem that seems to be quite common based on various discussion forums. My account manager and various other ones won’t help.

    When I try to list I get caught in a continual login loop. This happens on both IE8 and Firefox and I have cleared my cookies and my flash cookies.

    When my PC dies which seems imminient I will not be able to list anymore.

    This problem has existed on 3 laptops now.

    Has anyone encountered this problem and how did you solve it?


  3. not encountered this problem myself, things you could try if you haven’t already:-

    reset IE8 by going

    tools> internet options> advanced tab> click both of the reset buttons and then restart IE

    try checking your JAVA is up to date.

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