Dan Wilson’s 10 top tips to save time & money on eBay

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Our friend Dan Wilson has been busy making video tutorials and the first is on seller efficiency with a selection of tips for sellers with the aim of making their operations more profitable.

If you’re an experienced seller you’ve probably already implemented some of the tips but if you’ve got some suggestions of your own on how to save time or money when selling on eBay let us know in comments below.

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  1. good sound sensible advice especially the dealing with awkward customer tip ,though the Crotch shots are a bit distracting lol

  2. our top tip is dont waste your time With Ebay support only contact them as the very last option ,

  3. and even though we dont like A 30 quid charge out of the blue
    Andrews label software saves lots of time
    Double LOL!

  4. I have been using Auctionsage for several years. Well worth the money for the massive time saving and automation it brings. It has a steep learning curve which may put folk off but you do get a 30 day free trial. Much better that Turbo Lister and Selling Manager Pro IMHO. Its client based batch editing tools are much easier to use than eBays own server based tools. You can create and save product template data for specific product types and call up that template as required only having to add the images, title and description. Images are automatically uploaded to your host server when listings are uploaded to eBay. You can set up html email templates and batch send these out to customers. And plenty more. It really is well worth trying out. Trust me. Once you have set it all up for your specific needs and discovered what it can do you won’t want to give it up!

    I have no connection with Auctionsage apart from being a very satisfied customer.

  5. Nice one Dan, I have to admit to becoming rather Jaded (ahem) by ebay of late, I’m trying to rekindle my passion for it as a sales platform. I will be making sure I use some of these ideas and try to approach this new venture with a new sellers mentality.

  6. Nice Vid dan – always good to be reminded not to waste £50 of time arguing about £10 item with a stroppy customer 😉

    PPI and collections are my single biggest time saver

  7. Systems – Systems and even more systems, have systems for as much as you can and let them take the weight, dont even need to cost, for example we use excel and have a file called issues which is on the network drive, whats is used for? issues with orders, incomplete address, customer ordered in our case filofax refills but in diffrent sizes – was this a mistake on the customers part or do they realy have 3 diferent size organisers – saves time on rtns later and gives better service to customer, a stock issue, whatever, issues file provides and place where info can be shared with the warehouse and office (customer services) easy and simple we even colour code it, works a treat

  8. I developed a PHP application that imports all orders from eBay using SOAP.

    Using the custom label as a sku number I also manage stock and track sales.

    I can then print custom designed invoices onto integrated label sheets with a barcode.

    Once all my packages are done, I scan each one and the dispatch flag is sent to eBay and thus a dispatched email.

    The application lists all packages not dispatched so it’s easy not to miss one.

    I intend to release the software on a public licence, but I need to tidy up and that takes time!

  9. Thanks for the ideas and input. Always certain to get expert and considered suggestions on tamebay. 🙂

    Norf: The crotch shots are in there just for you, obviously.

    Gary: ten tips on avoiding negative feedback is a good idea!

  10. eBay are a sinking ship. My advice is to divest your eBay operation and concentrate on a more stable business.

  11. Probably on the fact that many people say they do not like ebays polices and fees and are setting up on other sites or their won websites.
    Probably on the fact that they are having to give away free listings every month now.
    Probably on the fact that they do nto have the courage or decency to announce a breakdown of their income.



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