eBay concedes China to Alibaba

It seems the long-running war between Chinese wholesale marketplace Alibaba and eBay may finally be over: eBay’s CEO John Donahoe has said “We’ve, in essence, exited the domestic market.” Instead of aiming to compete in China, eBay will “look for opportunities to partner or joint venture or work together with Chinese companies”. He went on, “Alibaba dominates the Chinese domestic market. We are the leading cross-border global e-commerce and payments network. I don’t view Alibaba as a competitor. I view them as a colleague and a potential partner.”

JD appeared at Alibaba’s annual conference on Friday. Alibaba’s founder Jack Ma told attendees that the two companies “have same dream, same mission and same goal to help entrepreneurs” and that eBay “is a company we should learn from”. Ma has famously criticised US companies for thinking they can buy their way into the Chinese market, saying of eBay under Meg Whitman, “We did not beat them in the US… yet”.

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eBay finally capitulates in Chinese market and is still nowhere in the Far East. The barmy Bainite then makes one of the stupidest statements ever by an overpaid US CEO 'I don't view Alibaba as a competitor.' - don't you now John boy! Really what utter tosh. What makes it worse is that his pay, pension and payoff will be completely unaffected despite ceding the major markets in Far East to his competitors. Aah but I forgot, he actually runs a financial payments company with a small auction house attached lol. So that's all right then! pip pip

Cambridge_Blue • 14th September 2010 •