10c Auctions for all eBay.com sellers

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eBay.com have yet another cheap listing deal, and this time it’s open to all sellers regardless whether they have an eBay store or not. For three days from 5th to 7th October you can list auctions on eBay.com for just 10c regardless of start price.

It’s worth remembering that casual sellers already have a deal for 100 free auctions a month regardless of start price, so I guess not many will be charged the 10c rate. It’ll be welcome to those with a store subscription as they’ll be able to list higher start prices for low insertion fees for a few days.

There are a few restrictions and you’ll need DSRs of 4.5 or above to qualify.

3 Responses

  1. As a seller of “one off” collectables on eBay UK I’d be very tempted to run my entire shop inventory as auctions if this type of promo ever came over here – there does not seem to be any restriction on bulk listing tools.

  2. It could be that eBay are carrying out an experiment to see how this impacts visitor numbers, sales and FVF revenue.

    If a low single price listing fee becomes the norm then it could spell the end of the 99p start price.

    Also in such circumstances store owners may begin to question the merits of paying for a store.

  3. I have always thought they should have a non-store higher tier for people who primarily auction that gets them the lower percentage tranch.

    I would make it around $24 per month and the benefits you would get would be the 12 free pictures like the store owners and the percentages would be set at 9% up to the minimum that you set for your auction then 4% for the amount between the auction minimum and the final sale rate.

    That would encourage people to set their minimums lower making them more like actual auctions than if one sets the minimum very close to the buy it now price.


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