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Can’t be bothered to list your old consumer electronics on eBay? No longer a problem if you’re in the US. eBay have launched eBay Instant Sale as a quick and easy way to dispose of your gadgets such as old mobile phones, laptops, GPS and iPods.

All you have to do is tap in your item along with it’s make, model and condition to receive an instant cash offer for your unwanted item. Rather than leaving it sitting in a draw gathering dust. If you accept the offer you can print out a shipping label and as soon as your item is received you’ll get the money in your PayPal account.

Beware though, this really is for the ultra lazy – I decided to check out an old iPhone 2G 4Gb in good condition with a charger and the offer price was $50.00. A similar iPhone listed on eBay with a start price of $50.00 currently has bids of $112.50 with seven hours left to go before the auction finishes.

Of course eBay Instant Sale gets rid of the worries about unpaid items and you don’t have the bother of creating a listing, but if you want the real money that your item is worth sell it on eBay, use Instant Sale as a guide to what a business would pay for your item. A business expects to make a profit so use the offer as a start price guide for selling it on eBay.

eBay Instant Sale isn’t for everyone, in fact it’s for the lazy buyer who would prefer a simple environmentally friendly way to recycle their unwanted consumer electronics and receive a token payment along the way. However if it frees up some cash in PayPal accounts which buyers can then re-spend on eBay I’m in favour of encouraging people to dig out their old unwanted items and turn them into instant cash.

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  1. It looks like https://cexchange.com/ is the company behind this or one of them. I tried my iPhone on both eBay and that site and was made an offer within $5 of either site.

    This looks like one of those electronic recycling companies that takes your goods for next to nothing and then sells them on eBay for a profit. I think I first heard of them when the iPhone 3G came out and they were buying the original iPhones off people in the lines at the Apple stores. They’d unlock them and sell them on eBay for enormous profits all the while doing it in the name of recycling and saving the Earth.

  2. great idea
    we want some of that

    send us your £20 notes and we will instantly deposit a tenner in your paypal account

  3. “if you want the real money that your item is worth sell it on eBay, use Instant Sale as a guide to what a business would pay for your item”

    Great idea, turns yet another way to wring money out of eBay users into a resource.

  4. There are numerous sites doing a similar thing. buyanycar, mazuma mobile, musicmagpie amongst others. All offer below market value as they do need to make a profit. they aren’t buying out of kindness.

    Like Whirly says above. Ideal places for dodgy people to sell on dodgy gear.



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