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GOod news for sellers on, the new enhancements to feedback and eBay buyer protection announced in September and designed to protect sellers will all be live on the by the end of the week. The enhancements include:

* 5-star DSRs given automatically for free and fast shipping.
* Buyers leaving feedback now reminded of your specified item condition and delivery dates.
* Streamlined hub makes it easier to report your experience with a buyer. You have access to it at your fingertips—in the Feedback flow, Feedback Forum, from your Seller Dashboard, Contact Us and in the eBay Buyer Protection hub. New Seller Dashboard module shows the number of times Feedback and Buyer Protection cases were removed from your account as a result of your report and eBay’s detection systems.
* Added checks prevent buyers from opening Buyer Protection cases too soon.
* Escalated Buyer Protection cases found in your favor are removed from your performance record.
* Threatening to use Feedback to get refunds, goods and services not included in an item description is now specifically prohibited by eBay policy.

Over the last couple of years there have been many feedback changes designed either to protect buyers or to raise the standard of service that sellers give. It’s good to see some rebalancing to protect sellers from the odd rogue buyer.

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  1. There needs to be a big improvement in the time it takes to deal with people who don’t pay, people who lie on feedback, people who open cases where its not justified. It takes so much time to deal with this stuff, and escalate it to ones account manager…the consequences of it can be the difference between TRS and above standard. Also when items are returned, the inventory should take account of it better. This improvement in the US site looks promising. I post everything within 24 hrs, yet I still have buyers giving me a 1/2 for despatch time…it infuriates me beyond all belief.

  2. I am the same. I can cope with low DSR’s on other things but despatch time really upsets me.

    I post everything within 24 hours. Buyers are judging Royal Mail not me.

  3. Actually people asking me if my items are fake upsets me too. I have feedback at 100% and nearly 30,000.

    I also once had a customer who was interested in my £2.79 alarm clock. He asked me to record the sound of the alarm on my computer and then email it so he could check if he liked it!!!

  4. Chris I am confused. It has always been prohibited to use feedback related threats on Getting eBay to acknowledge the existence of a threat, or feedback extortion attempt, even one as bald faced as “If you don’t refund my shipping I will leave you a negative” has been the problem.

    I have had a rep tell me “Oh well you’re not making your buyer happy and they are just expressing their opinion, that’s what feedback is for. Maybe you should not charge shipping.”

    Exactly what is different about the policy now?

  5. As always, it’s in the implementation. eBay employees will give you a different answer, it depends who you speak to.

    Some are great, most are not.

    We have multiple eBay selling accounts and have had the same buyer buy (not known to the buyer) from our different accounts and claim INR on all the items….ebay CS response…If the buyer says they haven’t received it, they haven’t received it!

    Remove feedback completely, the comments and coloured dots are childish.

  6. I buy and sell, over a decade. eBay transaction problems 90% seller non-performance, very few bad buyers. True eBay does nothing much about bad buyers, they also do nothing much about bad sellers if they produce a reasonable income for eBay. TSR sellers are the worst, TSR SELLERS ARE THE WORST, more feedback = worse seller. The whole feedback system is BS because eBay didn’t police it when they could have and it got out of hand and now is controlled by Wall St banksters seeking only growth. Shareholder value increase priority one, stuff buyers, stuff sellers.

    No longer fixable by eBay/Baine/banksters. Public protest against the monopoly could create space for competitors not governed by the banksters, maybe.

    Yes I use eBay daily, I burn electricity generated from fossil fuels daily too, neither is right, both are impositions by (I can’t sum it up in a simple phrase how evil these guys are). I realise this board is mostly sellers, I appreciate most are decent sellers, it’s a self selecting group. The rogues just duck and dive, get a new ID, build some feedback, it’s not difficult.

    It’s eBay that is disingenuous, eBay IS a fleamarket unless they throw the crooks out*, I get a better response complaining to the farmer who owns the field where a car boot sale is held than complaining to “buyer/seller protection” eBay.

    I will pay 20% – 30% less on eBay than I pay in other markets, not the fault of the decent sellers, the fault of the retarded management of eBay.

    eBay should remain a fleamarket rather than chase Amazon, but Baine & Co, management are as clueless as you would expect.

  7. I hope this come in to the UK.
    Though hate it when sellers state if you dont give me % stars ebay will redue how much i show up blah blah blah its tacky and lets buyers know how they can really effect your business for the fun of it.

    Though i do think sellers have improved over the year in my sector its amazing how people used be so laid back about posting suddenly offer free postage (we dont) and post with 24 hrs (we always have)

    I agree to a point that ebay wont lose there cashcows and completely agree that selling of amazon you can get far more for items than on Ebay i sell beauty and i am waiting to get in unlocked.

    I dont agree that the more feedback you have or if you are TRS then you are by definintion bad at all.
    We work really hard with buyers and pop in a thank-you note with a small gift etc.
    I hope what have done come in here.
    Though i do feel i am being like a child by ebay


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