PayPal waive fees for Children In Need Pudsey ears

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PayPal are partnering with today’s children in need appeal by waiving all processing fees for donations made though PayPal.

For a donation of as little as a pound you can create a pair of virtual Pudsey ears to show your support on Facebook or Twitter profiles when you donate using PayPal. All you need to do to get your Pudsey ears is to upload a favourite photo, choose which ears you want to wear and for a £1 donation, you can wear and share your spots online.

eBay traditionally always donate the same percentage of fees on Charity Listings that the seller does, but although PayPal have reduced fees for registered charities it’s unusual for them to entirely waive fees in the way eBay does if the sale is 100% for charity. It’s good to see PayPal getting behind the annual Children in Need event and if you have made some Pudsey ears drop us a link to your picture in comments below.

9 Responses

  1. It’s about time. I won’t say “well done” because it should have been done from the day paypal was offered as a payment method for ALL charities.

  2. glad to see at least one company is not taking their slice out of the great big charity party cake

    there will be all sorts of bollocks tonight about how many millions has been pledged, and year after year pictures of starving mistreated children
    if money were the answer there would be none of those stories available

  3. there you go then lots of millions, a nights entertainment themed on the suffering of others
    lots of exposure and product placement for the already stupid rich stars,
    next year a whole new set of abused and suffering children stories

  4. its the governments job to look after the children in society, thats why we pay taxes. i refuse to watch CIN and all the celebrities trying to increase their exposure.


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