Free auction listings for private sellers 4th-5th Dec

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There’s a free listing weekend for private sellers on eBay UK this weekend. For Saturday and Sunday private sellers using the Sell Your Item form can list auction style listings with no insertion fees.

Business and PowerSellers are excluded, as are the use of professional listing tools as well as a few categories including Motors, Properties and Phones with contracts.

6 Responses

  1. Interesting that while eBay make a big thing about TRS status they exclude TRS sellers from the free listing weekend.

    So only sellers who offer poor service by eBay’s own standards get the benefit of free listings!

    eBay surely are the Fawlty Towers of online retail!

  2. eBay are pushing this free listing weekend as the last chance saloon to auction something off into the Xmas market.

    The fees are not that different for the small seller and the large business seller. On a £40 item the FVF fee difference might be 80p or £1.20 given a 20% or 30% rebate. That is not a lot of benefit for all the extra hassle the “full time business seller” has to put up with to maintain TRS.

    And by the time the TRS seller pays the listing fee there is not really any fee difference!

    At a time of the year when exceptional service is extremely important I find it absolutely extraordinary that TRS sellers (who, to be blunt, are the only eBay sellers to have a service track record by eBays own measures) are excluded by eBay from this promotion!

    I’m either right or wrong but it is an opinion!

  3. I havent listed new stuff for the ebay free listings in months, by the time iv relisted existing stuff one at a time i cannot be bothered to list new stuff on ebay hence i concentrate on listing on amazon where once listed i do not have to waste time relisting

  4. Is anyone else having problems uploading photos on to eBay?

    I have tried repeatedly – my photo shows up in preview – as soon as I hit upload it vanishes. So I now have 100 listings up with about 3 photos – arghhhhhhhhhh!!


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