PackVERTISE: How to make money from shipping

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PackVERTISE is a new service ideal for UK eBay, Amazon and website retailers to enable you to make money every time you ship a parcel. The concept is simple, you get paid for adding flyers into your parcels with product samples, giveaways or coupons for your customers.

Participation in the PackVERTISE network is always free for sellers, the flyers will be delivered to you for free and the payout is between 1.5p-5p, depending on the size and weight of the insert. You can add up to three different inserts per shipment and earn between 5-12p for each customer you sell to.

PackVERTISE is operated by the German network PaketPLUS. PaketPLUS was established in Germany in 2009 by two former eBay employees, and now has 1700 registered online sellers with over 3 million shipments a month. So far, over 1 Million Euro has already been paid out to PaketPLUS partners. In the UK PackVERTISE already have 100 registered sellers with flyers being added to around 200K shipments a month.

The service is attractive to advertisers as 100% of their flyers end up in the hands of their target customers. As the recipient address is provided by the customer at the time of purchase and all data is current and the customer is looking forward to opening their parcel. This removes many of the problems of direct mail campaigns where address data can be out of date and mailings are often discarded in the hallway and never opened. They can also target customers based on the type of purchase they’ve just made from the retailer whose parcel the flyer is to be inserted in.

If you’re shipping 100 parcels a day the earning potential could be as much as ยฃ3000 a year or more simply for adding a couple of flyers in your parcels along with your invoice.

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PackVERTISE can also supply you with professionally printed “DSR inserts” pointing out the importance of positive feedback for an eBay seller, explaining the DSR system and motivating happy buyers to leave feedback for an eBay transaction. In addition, buyers are asked to contact the seller if they are unhappy before leaving feedback.
On the back of the DSR insert the buyer receives an attractive offer from an advertising partner enabling PackVERTISE to supply the inserts to you for free.
If you want to make money every time you ship a parcel then all you need to do is include the flyers in every parcel you ship and report on the PackVERTISE website how many inserts you send out each day or week. There’s nothing to pay and all the inserts will be shipped to you for free. You can apply to join the PackVERTISE network on their website.

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  1. There is a similar service called AdShip in the App Center. It is one of those few ideas that I wish I came up with and would have if I’d been in the apps business 4 years ago instead of today.

  2. Interesting. I really like the sound of this. Does anyone think it will have a negative impact on feedback?

    Also how will they check I am doing it?

    Will they buy a few items off me every month to check? That would be even better.

  3. Can’t see it having a negative impact on feedback but I think ebay would suspend the account of anyone caught using it, its clearly attempting to sell off ebay using the ebay customer base ๐Ÿ™

  4. OH Dear,


    When we see EBAY play on a level playing field then that’s the time we will do the same.

    When I see our competitors business web address plastered in their ebay Shop (taking buyers OFF ebay) then that’s the time well pay fairly (AND EBAY KNOW).

    When we see ebay, treat us smaller sellers with the same attitude as the large boys, then that’s the time, etc, etc.

    Sure you all get the message.

  5. Too much advertising anyway, any flyer goes in the bin. I buy what I want to buy and advertising more likely to have a negative effect. More spent on advertising less on the product, most advertised products are junk, soft drinks, mashed up toxic ‘food’ squeezed in to some shape with artificial colour and flavour.

    Inks are toxic, lots of people have allergy to inks (search ink allergy). Lots of printing uses genetically modified soy oil which is breathed in by anyone who gets close (search soy ink). If you research you can find out what GMOs do when eaten, I doubt they are any less hazardous when breathed in.

    I think our customers just want what they paid for in their hands as quickly as possible with the least possible hassle, diversion, interruption, waste disposal. That’s what I want when I buy.

    So you may make ยฃ12 for every hundred packages you send if you are lucky, it’s going to slow you down a bit, flyers to receive and store. Anyone who does this to me I gotta wonder why they are so desperate for pennies, maybe I won’t buy next time in case the desperation gets too much or their financial position gets worse.

  6. Years ago I used to have on my desk a framed cartoon. It showed a King in all his armour with a lance under his arm about to go into battle. There was a minor official trying to attract his attention and the King is saying “No I have no time to see a crazy Salesman. I have a Battle to fight”. The Salesman was trying to sell the King Heavy Machine Guns. At the factory I always saw the Salesman who knocked on the door and when showed into my Office I would point at the cartoon and tell him I was looking for the Heavy Machine Gun that would sort out my companies problems and once I found one that did save us a great deal of money and a lot of problems so it was all worth while. So those fliers may, just may have the Heavy Machine Gun that you are looking for so I for one always look at them before putting them in the bin. There is another point postage charges go on weight. If you put too many fliers in your package you might with some put them over the limit and have to pay the next postage rate up.

  7. And I certainly dont want any buyer to think I give a tinkers curse what DSR or feedback they leave

  8. I wrote a blog article recently on how receiving a flyer from a company led to me spending 2k with them.
    You could put a flyer in leading to a 2k order , and get 1.5p for your efforts.
    Great idea in principle , slightly flawed unless you are involved with the companies you are promoting.

  9. There seems to be a great deal of heat being generated by this item. As I said I always look at fliers. When I buy a Newspapers usually half a dozen fliers drop out. I look at them but I am not in the market for Double Glazing, or many other products so while I look at them I go no further and they go in the bin. But I do not put any in my packages to customers and for many of the reasons stated by others I have not considered doing it. Maybe its because I(on the whole) like and respect my customers that I would not put fliers in with my goods. After all if I sell you a Specialist Book are you really going to thank me if when you open the package the same load of rubbish that drops out of the Newspaper lands at your feet. My guess is that you will not. I get a lot of repeat orders so I do not want them to think of me as the bloke who sends them a load of rubbish with their Book. But surely its up to every seller to think about it for themselves and if it make sense for them then they should do it. But as I said I will not be doing it.

  10. “But surely its up to every seller to think about it for themselves and if it make sense for them then they should do it. But as I said I will not be doing it.”

    Indeed and agreed, may more sellers do it, in comparison makes my business more attractive to customers.

    “There seems to be a great deal of heat being generated by this item.”

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  11. “eBay is the site it deserves”

    More like eBay is the shite it deserves ๐Ÿ™‚

    Yes and seriously it is absolutely the fault of the management, the Bain & Co alumni, the stooges for the banksters. They corrupt decent people by setting the standards so appallingly low and flouting their own rules for pennies.

  12. “we might add we sell on ebay for profit and gain
    if we were wanting to do good deeds we would join the sally bash”

    But those aims are not incompatible. I reckon you’re a decent bloke norf and appreciate your straight talkin. Plenty of money to be made giving fair deals and service, more than being a rogue I reckon, unless an exceptionally good rogue in which case couldn’t those skills be better used anyway?

    Sally bash more of a con than eBay:

  13. Surely at the end of the day we all want to sell our goods, whatever they are, and certainly when I post my sales out I hope that when they arrive at my customers they enjoy them and get good use out of them. I am probably very differant to most sellers. Firstly I am an enthusiast and I am mainly selling to other enthusiasts. So on the whole we know and understand each other. But secondly I am selling up so that I can retire. I am not in it for the long term. My health problems and age(over 60) mean that as soon as I can I will retire but I still like to think that my items are enjoyed and give good service, and if at the end of the day I can get my money back and make a small profit(on some items depending on when I bought them and at what price there is a good profit) where’s the harm in that,


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