Head of eBay UK Communications to take questions from sellers

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If you’ve got any questions about trading on eBay, whether it be buying or selling, then head over to the Online Business Forum on Linked In. Patrick Munden, Head of Seller Communications for eBay UK & eBay.ie will be popping into the forum next Wednesday 23rd February and will be keen to hear your ideas and answer your questions.

I’ve never seen sellers and eBay staff come together without some strong opinions on how the site is running being voiced. If you’ve got any current problems, something on your wish list that you want eBay to hear, or simply want to read the questions and answers that other’s pose then put the date in your diary.

The thread on the Online Business Forum is already open for advance questions so even if you’re not free on the day then feel free to post your comments and queries in advance.

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  1. Its only in the last 3 years that sellers had really strong opinions.

    Now why is that I wonder?

    And eBay pretend to listen. Why waste time with this type of thing and listening to the eBay management “speak” and the twisting language and what ebay intended things to mean about levelling the playing field and so on ?

    Better to spend time selling and just getting on with it.

  2. eBay should only be a part of your selling platform. Put a CD on and link build for your website.

  3. If the Big Wigs at eBay need a Q & A session to let them what a dogs dinner they are making of eBay then it’s already too late.

    Its just more PR and Spin – If they really want to know how sellers feel they should subscribe to Tamebay and then they would get the real picture. There are many full time sellers like myself who want and could sell more if eBay would sit up and listen.

  4. We all moan and whinge about eBay, but let’s be honest, thet are clearly doing something right as most of us on here make a living off of it.

    Also, being one of the biggest and most successful websites in the world is surely a sign they’re not all bad, no?

    *Rinses mouth with soap*

  5. Seems to me most people here struggle to make a living on eBay and for many it’s only a part of their income.

    Network effect, successful because they got the scale first. Any competitor seriously looms eBay would/should buy them. They are a monopoly in certain markets and should be regulated so, not that I’m really keen on govt intervention but big business unrestrained ends up as corporatocracy. That’s bad for everyone but a handful of billionaires at the top. Not a lot of faith in politicians either, electing any that represent the people is more of a challenge anyway.

    Politics is another network effect.

  6. My eBay sales have plummeted, so to survive I’ve not no option but to expand away from eBay. I’m lucky as I’ve been blogging so I can redirect my blog posts to my website and use this as incoming links.

  7. not a chance of this fella listening too a word we say
    ebays tells sellers how high too jump ,and we jump, its as simple as that

  8. Ebay are only listening to the outlets it seems to me.

    Now that the upper echelons are busy playing with Paypal, maybe sanity can return to the core site.

  9. If it’s the same Patrick that ran the recent ‘discussions’ in the eBay café, then I’ll pass, as it was a waste of time and effort.

  10. I’ve seen lots of good ideas get implemented by ebay from various discussions and events.

    I have to say its getting really tedious reading the same old moaning from the same people on this excellent blog site. Get a life.

    Here are my top things to implement to an already excellent ecommerce marketplace:

    1. Standard templates for category listings (amazon model)
    2. International visibility upgrade options on other ebay sites, other than US/Canada.
    3. Joined up inventory management system, of a standard to eseller pro
    4. Ability to integrate Interlink Express tracking numbers
    5. Amazon style ‘blue buy box’ for business sellers.

  11. OK I should have spelled it out.

    But I sell more dead stock on eBay than I buy.

    Figure that!

  12. Hi Gary,

    “Its only in the last 3 years that sellers had really strong opinions.”

    Thank you for laugh of the week!

    Please do stop by. I hope it will be interesting.


  13. Having strong opinions, having a place to easily voice them, and then again to actually voice them are not all the same.

    eBay is giving sellers an opportunity that should be taken.

    And then Tamebay can be a place to discuss both the validity of the questions and the substance of any response.

    It doesn’t get much better than that!



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