Product bundles and checkout discounts coming to eBay

In a thread on the UK discussion boards, eBay have revealed two new features which will be available to sellers later this year.

Flexible discounts for buyers

Currently on eBay the only discounts you can give are on the postage costs. eBay are working on a concept to allow you to offer “Spend £100 and get 10% off” or “Buy 3 items and get the cheapest one for 30% off” type promotions to your buyers.

This should be welcome news for sellers who offer “free” postage (or as we all know list with prices including postage ;-)) as they will be able to offer discounts to buyers for multiple purchases.

This new feature will allow you to offer discounts over and above discounting the postage charges and eBay expect to launch a first version of this in UK in the second half of the year.

Product bundles

eBay are working on a feature to allow sellers to create product bundles and associated item discounts. We spotted product bundles being tested on back in April 2010 and is the best cross promotion tool I’ve seen on eBay.

Product bundles will enable sellers to set up cross-selling relations between their items and attach discounts to bundles and for buyers it means you can purchase accessories direct from the view item page you’re about to buy the main product from.

A UK pilot for product bundles will start in a few weeks time and eBay hope to launch the first version of this tool for all sellers at some point in the late Spring this year.

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You guys (eBay UK) always get the cool beta products. :)

TekGems • 23rd February 2011 •

These would both be brilliant (if they work and dont take too long to operate!) Bryn

Bryn • 23rd February 2011 •

I can imagine a great deal of confusion. What with "Shopping Baskets" and "bundles" I can imagine all sorts of arguements of the "I've bought 3 items now wheres my discount". But if they have bought 3 items, One from each of 3 sellers in their Shopping Basket I would imagine that the promotion will not work. Also I can imagine all sorts of people not knowing what is supposed to happen. As an example I had a customer recently buy 3 books from me. He did not put them through together but instead bought them a 3 singletons one after another. Place your bets here that many customers will look at "Shopping Baskets" and "bundles" lift their hands in horror and go elsewhere.

Chris • 23rd February 2011 •

we would like an opt in option where the listed good customers get an automatic discount regardless

northumbrian • 23rd February 2011 •

Fantastic idea! Top eBay buyers (TRB buyers) who have a record of payment within 2 days, no INR or SNAD claims and who have not opened any disputes get automatic buyer discount! Do it eBay!

Gary • 23rd February 2011 •

I can remember years ago when businesses would send their Salesmen out at the end of the month, quarter or year with instructions to get orders at any price. It even happened in such as Garages with New Car Sales. You had a quota to sell before the end of the Month or whatever and the Salesmen started at 20% Discounts and increased them. If you knew what was going on you could get some eye watering discounts. Does it still happen in the real world?

Chris • 23rd February 2011 •

Buy 1 get 1 free is todays' version...

Gerry007 • 23rd February 2011 •