eBay.com Auction and Fixed Price Fee Schedule

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From the 19th April 2011 Auction Fees will change on eBay.com for sellers who don’t have an eBay store and from the 6th July auction fees for store subscribers and fixed price fees for all sellers will change.

There will be two auction fee schedules – Standard fees for sellers without an eBay store and another set of auction fees for sellers with an eBay store. Fixed price fees insertion will not change but final value fees will be reduced and remain specific to the category you list in.

The big change is that Final Value Fees are applied to the total amount of the sale including shipping. If you’re shipping heavy items with costly shipping you’ll need to factor in the additional fees.

However don’t forget you will also pay 1% lower final value fees (2% less in Media, Clothes Shoes & Accessories and Motors Parts & Accessories) on the item itself. Also if your buyer pays for a next day service or an International shipping option is selected, the first domestic shipping service offered other than next day will be used to calculate Final Value Fees. This makes it imperative to offer a choice of shipping as even if next day is your default service Final Value Fees will be calculated on your next cheapest delivery option.

eBay.com Standard Auction Fees

These fees apply to sellers listing auction style listings who do not have an eBay shop subscription.

eBay.com Store Subscriber Auction Fees

These fees apply to sellers listing auction style listings who have an eBay shop subscription and for sellers who don’t subscribe to an eBay store when the exceed 50 auctions in a month.

eBay.com Fixed Price Fees

Insertion Fees for fixed price aren’t changing, but final value fees will be reduced as the cost will be applied to both the final value and the shipping charged by the seller.

7 Responses

  1. Be interested to see the UK release, but the charging of fees on combined price and shipping is a step forward.

    It will be technically hard to implement on some freight-style listings, and some sellers will attempt to avoid it, but hopefully it’s another step towards a fair pricing scheme for all, and get rid of some of the behaviour which is confusing and misleading for buyers.

  2. Another fee? What the heck this is out of hand. I switched to Yardsellr.com like 4 months ago and I am seeing way more traction too. I list my stuff for FREE on Yardsellr and I don’t have to pay stupid fees or spend 20 months listing a single item.

    I’m joining everyone else and going to yardsellr.com from here on out! Later fee-bay!

  3. Final value fees are going up not being reduced for fixed price listings and fees are being charged on shipping!

    Where is this final value fee reduction that eBay are talking about?

  4. Will the shipping cost DSR dissapear as well because it won’t be in ebays interest to kick people off ebay for this when they will be making more money for people charging on shipping ???


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