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I’ve tried to resist but it’s and managed to hold onto the funds in my PayPal account for over a month since Domino’s added the payment method to their website… but I’ve just given in. It’s just too easy and too tempting and “Two for Tuesday” at Domino’s has persuaded me to tap in my PayPal password.

Normally I wouldn’t dream of ordering pizza for lunch unless there were visitors in the office, but it’s been a busy morning in the warehouse and we’re all hungry so the pizza is on it’s way.

No need to make a trip to the garage for a three day old sandwich or queue up at the bun truck that visits the industrial estate. Domino’s is literally a couple of clicks to select a pizza and then just tap in your PayPal password and the pizza is ordered and on it’s way.

9 Responses

  1. I was tempted by this last week but they don’t sell chips, just wedges. Humbug to that.

    If anyone from Domino’s reads this then full marks for offering Paypal but no marks for not selling chips.

  2. Silence followed the lunch time stuffing @ chris’s place…….Oh for a (yawn & stretch)……siesta.

  3. Now if Domino’s offered genuine Cornish Pasties I would be tempted. It would save me a 4 mile round trip to the nearest shop(the problem with being in a small village with no shop)but as they do not then I shall have to continue to drive the 4 mile round trip each day for my Pasty and Newspaper.

  4. Whilst doing my accounts I was shocked to find 18 payments to dominos over a 3 month period

    Now with paypal I am concerned my waist li e in be expanding


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