TurboLister multiple edit errors fixed

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The eBay tools team who look after TurboLister have fixed a glitch which has been a bug bear for years. When bulk editing stored listings in TurboLister (for example when VAT rates changed from 17.5% to 20% I wanted to change VAT on all my stored listings) the bulk edit process would fail for some listings.

There were various reasons for the edits failing on some listings – in cases where there were any other errors in the listing (e.g. eBay category updates or Item Condition not specified) then any bulk edits would fail for the listings with errors meaning they had to be edited one by one.

This was particularly troublesome as although listings with errors would still fail when uploaded to eBay, it meant that previous global changes to my stored listings couldn’t be relied on and in the future every field on every listing had to be double checked before uploading to eBay. For the VAT change I wanted certainty that all VAT rates had been updated leaving me to just deal with other errors as and when I used that template again.

This has now been fixed and multiple edits in TurboLister will now save all changes that do not relate to the field containing the error. Listings with errors will still be highlighted, but if you’ve made a critical multiple edit to your listings then they will all be updated and the changes saved.

If you want to get the update with this fix you’ll need to be subscribed to the TurboLister Beta program and the fix works from TurboLister version (beta version) and above. To subscribe to TurboLister Beta click Tools>Options>Advanced Options>Program Updates. Whilst some people are wary of using Beta software I’ve always used TurboLister Beta and it’s the best way to ensure that you’re the first to get the latest fixes and newest features.

3 Responses

  1. That sounds like good news, but why on earth has it taken eBay so long to fix the problem.

    On a related theme, I tend to be very cautious about subscribing to anything that’s eBay and still under test. Bugs get fixed in beta but they also arrive in beta, that’s what the test versions are for. Sometimes it’s better to deal with the devil you know.

    BUT, TL does get an unfair press. It’s a ‘free’ tool and as such, even with its numerous bugs, save a lot of time.

  2. Don’t bother! After ditching the frustratingly famous Turbo Lister many moons ago I thought after reading your article I would give it (the beta version) another go now that I have a brand new PC. What a waste of time! It will not download updates & so crashes every time I open it. It has always been full of bugs. It has always had problems in one area or another. I have not used it for 3 years now & I will not waste my time again.


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