Celebrity Easter Egg auctions raise money for Royal Blind

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There are a string of on eBay. The auctions don’t end until after Easter so it’s not too late to bid on the Easter Eggs signed by the likes of Stephen Fry, Nick Faldo and Michael Ball.

Each egg is individually crafted in a Faberge style reflecting the personality of the celebrity. All funds raised from the auctions will go to support Royal Blind, who fund essential services for the education, care, training and employment of children and adults in the UK who are blind or visually impaired.

Sadly and unusually for a high profile eBay for Charity set of auctions they’ve listed the eggs using “Freight” for carriage. This means even UK bidders won’t know how much they may be stung for delivery. The eggs can be shipped world-wide, but it shouldn’t have been too onerous to figure out how much carriage would cost, at least for UK delivery.

Currently the Jolomo and Michael Ball have the highest bids at over £250 each, and it’s a great cause so eBay are also promoting the Royal Blind as the check-out charity of the week so everyone that makes a purchase on eBay can donate even if they don’t bid on the auctions.

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  1. just the 5 million set aside to get migrant workers out of Misrata would have bought and trained a few guide Dogs?

  2. Hi

    Many thanks for promoting our ebay auction – we are really very grateful to all the celebrities who have made this happen for us. We listed the eggs as freight as they need to be transported carefully as we cannot replace them. The cost is dependent on where they actually end up – either in the UK or abroad. As a charity we need to add this cost to the auction price but we promise we wont ‘sting’ anyone. We will charge exactly what the courier charges for transport.
    Royal Blind

  3. when you look at the listings for the products they don’t seem to say Faberge style. But I guess eBay would allow them to get away with it, they seem to be able to bend the rules when they want to! One of their ‘outlet sellers’ has their website address in a weekly deal today for the figleaves


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