How were your sales over the Easter weekend?

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We’ve just had the first two of four Bank Holiday weekends and sellers are likely busy today catching up with their packing and postage, or are they?

How were your eBay/Amazon/Website sales over the Easter weekend? There’s probably a correlation between your sales and they type of products you sell and I’m guessing that sellers of home and garden products fared better than sellers of tech products (although I could be wrong).

I know I was out in the garden, having BBQs and out with friends, enjoying the sun over the whole weekend, but what were your buyers doing? Were your sales up, down or about the same as normal for a Friday – Monday period?

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  1. Sales we’re non existent as expected.

    3 months prior to Easter sales very very good via eBay, almost at 2006 levels.

    According to Omniture data page views for April 2011 down by over 10,000 from April 2010.

    Next month is the one that interests me when the fee’s go up so do all our prices which should push lots of sales over onto our other sites.

  2. Sales up with Amazon, Sales down with Ebay more than 30% on last year (even after offering free postage) Traffic visiting my ebay shop down 50% on same period last year and I have 1,000 more product lines in my shop. Very poor not looking forward to next month with much hope with increases in fees!

  3. My sales are still flat, but it gives me the time to work on my website which I can’t complain about.

  4. Zero. Nil. Nada. Which is fine because its exactly what I was expecting it to be. I spent the Easter weekend no where near a computer.

  5. up 61% wk on wk Amazon is increasing rapidly as it does at this time of year, but ebay still doing well

  6. I thought it was only me that had a very poor Easter so I am relieved to see that I am not alone. I thought for a moment I was wearing the wrong after shave or something. We now have 2 more Bank Holidays. I wonder if they too are going to be poor in which case I shall not be a happy bunny. My Year started on the 1st April(end of 2010/11 was 31/3/2011)-somehow seems an appropriate day. I know we are not yet a month in but its not looking good for the rest of the year-already down on budget.

  7. One of the best weeks ever for me… I think my punters were avoiding their relations – I guess it helps that most of them are elderly!

  8. My sales were down but not as bad as expected. Bizarrely today has been much worse than any day between Friday and yesterday (bank hol Mon).


  9. Week running up to easter an the holiday was some of the worst i’d seen. Just after started on tuesday with some good sales. Done a standard weeks in 3 days. Dont expect much till monday/tuesday now. Although everyone should have been paid if monthly now.



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