Saturday business start up club at Staples stores

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Staples is throwing it’s weight behind the The StartUp Britain Campaign in their aim to boost the economy by getting 500,000 new businesses launched in 2011. The retailer will host weekly Start up Saturday classes in its 138 stores for potential entrepreneurs – giving over prime retail space on a Saturday morning

Start up Saturday, which is being run by the small business support company Enterprise Nation and training providers CragRats, will be launched in seven stores on May 21, before being rolled out across the country from June. The course aims to help you turn a passion, hobby or skill into a way of making a living.

Staples Managing Director Andrew Gabriel said “The StartUp Britain Campaign has gathered momentum and really inspired people to think about launching their own venture. But we want to help them do more than think about it and believe StartUp Saturday can play a key role in turning great ideas into real businesses. Hopefully by holding the sessions in our stores we will break down the barriers to classroom learning and people of all ages will feel comfortable in signing up.

Each session will be from 9.30am to 10.30am and students will be given a comprehensive workbook, which will include advice, case studies, useful links and tips. Individual classes cost just £10 and the full 12-week course is £100.

If you know someone that’s interested in starting a business and wants help and advice on everything from discovering your big idea right through to finance and marketing on a shoestring they can sign up for the classes on the Start up Saturday website.

14 Responses

  1. I was a general manager at Staples for a few years, trust me, this will flop.

    The implementation will be messy and inconsistant. Half the staff in the stores won’t know anything about it.

    Good idea though

  2. Am I an idiot, or does it not tell you where the classes are taking place?

    It says ‘London’ but it’s a pretty big city.

  3. Well…

    Over a year ago, I popped into my local large Staples & had a long chat with a (cool) sales guy.

    We had imported a bundle of stuff, which fell right into their market.

    The sales guy nearly bent over backwards to help me with info on Head office, as he had been asked 000’s of times for this product.

    Sent samples & info……..NEVER HEARD ANOTHER THING and they still don’t sell our items [or similar].

  4. Useless.

    What happens, trainees are advised to consult accountants, surveyors, solicitors and a multitude of advisors. After paying their fees they consult the bank manager (fill in myriad forms) because the startup funds have evaporated.

    Do you seriously think Staples or any other big org is going to encourage competition?

    If you have a business sense it is obvious, just talk to people and they tell you (often in deeds rather than words) the kind of products they would buy but can’t find. So there’s the product, and when you have the business think like a customer and you will always keep the vast majority of customers happy and returning.

    So simple, and free.



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