Free listing for private sellers on 21st – 22nd May

There’s yet another free listing weekend for eBay UK on the 21st – 22nd May for private sellers.

The normal rules apply, no PowerSellers, no Business Sellers, no professional listings tools – you can only use the Quick Sell, Sell Your Item form or the iPhone app to list products and qualify for the promotion. The promotion covers auction style listings at any start price.

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Last FLD I put up 120 items on 3 accounts. Sold 10. Those same 120 items were on 4 other auction sites. Sold 25 of them across 3 of the sites. (my database helps me keep track of what is where and slowly but surely the other sites are getting better as ebay gets worse. Plus far less hassle and stress with the other sites)If I'd had to pay to list on Ebay it would not be worth the effort.

Mr Mog • 19th May 2011 •

A database keeping track of stock,the same items listed across five different auction sites, these don't seem to be the words of a private seller ........

radroach • 19th May 2011 •

No doubt a few of us are curious. Which eBay alternatives are you having relative success with? To spend a whole weekend listing 120 items to save what amounts to peanuts in the grander scheme of things and then to sell just 10 of those items.... But if thats the incentive it takes who am I to say whats right and whats wrong.

Gary • 19th May 2011 •

Cheers for the heads up, i was going to send a few items to auction, im not going to till the weekend now.

Jonathan • 19th May 2011 •

Business sellers never get anything free :(

Paul • 22nd May 2011 •