Free subtitles in June for Top Rated Sellers only

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eBay have announced a promotion only open to Top Rated Sellers on eBay UK. From the 1st to the 30th June 2011, you can include a free item subtitle on all listings (for auction-style or fixed price format listings on with any starting price in any category).

eBay say outstanding service deserves a reward and that’s why they’ve come up with a special ‘thank you’ for eBay Top-rated sellers.

Only sellers registered in the UK who have achieved eBay Top Rated Seller Status in the UK are eligible and only items listed on eBay UK in sterling will qualify for the promotion. There are a few conditions so check the for full details.

Subtitle undoubtedly adds an advantage to sellers even though the subtitle is only searchable if the buyer clicks to search titles and descriptions. Just by having a subtitle makes your listing stand out in search results and of course gives you another 55 characters (in addition to the 55 character title) to convince a buyer that they should click into your listing.

Subtitles normally cost £0.35 for short duration listings and £1.05 for 30 day listings so don’t forget to remove them from your listings at the end of June when you relist your items.

15 Responses

  1. I have only used subtitles on Featured listings.

    Does anybody use them to any effect ?
    Are they as good as they used to be when they were automaticly picked up in a standard search?

    If they are free during the month of June i suppose they are worth a bash.

  2. About time! With the fee hikes, these should, without any doubt, be much cheaper for eTRS sellers – but not, perhaps, free.

  3. Great promotion until such time that it expires and you miss removing the subtitles from all your listings.

    If you are a high volume seller is it worth the hassle of changing listing now and changing tem back later.
    Doesn’t seem worth the effort for such a small promotional period

  4. Tempting – but I really can’t be bothered to add them and then remove them on 950 listings.

  5. about time someone at ebay used their noggin

    , ebay is giving us nowt they cant lose most sellers dont use sub title because its a rip off ,though
    if somethings so good and effective as ebay keeps telling us,
    why not ? give a free trail if it works sellers will continue to use the feature

  6. This seems like good news and will probably give it a try.
    However have not seen this announced by ebay anywhere. I would have thought they would have given us some warning to get listings ready.

  7. Complete waste of time except for the smallest of sellers or auction only.
    I am still forking out for the last (usa visibility) promotion which I keep forgetting about.

  8. Surely there are a few questions that should be asked. The first and most obvious is “Will it increase my Sales or is it just going to be a waste of time”? Obviously if you decide not to do it and a Competitor decided to do it. Will it mean that his sales will go up and perhaps yours will go down? If you have never tried these in the past maybe its worth trying even just as an experiment. If you look at such as Scientific Trials of such as New Drugs they usually divide the Group being tested into two. One section being given the drug and the other half being given a placibo(something neutral that has no effect). Then at the end the results of the two samples are checked. In our cases perhaps pick a proportion of our listings and use that as a sample and then at the end of the month compare the results with those that were not so listed. Obviously if those in the sample have sold significantly better than the other it could be that it is worth while doing in the future. After all we are often complaining about ebay and its policies perhaps this is one that could be of benefit so why not give it a try.

  9. Well done Ebay! Once again you’ve shown where your loyalties lie. With big sellers. And how do they become big? By giving items away and thereby discouraging new entrants. I hope Ebuyer (at least 3 Ebay accounts), Currys and Argos , to name three large sellers, take full advantage of this offer.

    When all the smaller sellers have abandoned Ebay perhaps they will wake up because the large sellers will be just behind them as the door closes on what was a great concept. Small sellers created the market and they will close it. Play fair Ebay before the public votes with its feet.

  10. Since it’s free, I thought I might as well add the subtitles. Ebay don’t give much away these days! BIG MISTAKE. I have 460 listings and before I clicked submit, I noticed it said the extra fees would be £483 (460x£1.05). I rang ebay and was told that the fees would definitely not be added. Half an hour later, the fees are showing on my account. Got through to ebay helpline (Phillipines Division) and hung up after 20 minutes! She didn’t have a clue what I was on about. Also noticed all my listings were no longer searchable and was later told that after revising a listing, it could be 12 HOURS (!) before they were live again. So I’m £483 poorer today and have lost a days takings. What a joke (if only it was funny!!).


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