Princess Beatrice hat auction cancelled and relisted

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There’s been a slight blip in the auction for Princess Beatrice’s Royal Wedding Hat. For some reason the listing was ended with all bids cancelled at 16:50 today.

The on a one day auction with a start price of £80,000 and finishing at 20:31 tomorrow, the day the original auction was due to end.

Cancelling the listing seems rather strange, not only is this one of the highest profile eBay for Charity auctions eBay UK have ever hosted, but it’s being managed with only Pre-Approved bidders allowed to bid. In any case if there were suspect bids placed it would be simpler to cancel just the offending bids instead of the entire listing.

Hopefully the auction will now run to completion and the winning bidder will have the funds to pay as it is after all for a deserving cause. If it’s not ultimately successful it won’t look too good for eBay – Plus a piece of history as unique of this deserves a fitting conclusion to the auction.

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  1. Q&A:

    ‘Due to a technical issue, eBay erroneously suspended the auction of the item. However, the auction is now back up and running, and will conclude on Sunday as planned. eBay has apologised for any inconvenince the disruption may have caused’

    Where has eBay apologised?

    So somebody reported the listing for a policy breach and it got pulled.

    Shame that the reporter/eBay are not quite so vigilant on some less high profile listings.

  2. Just curious but what might the eBay fees be on such an item?

    A business seller would pay £8100 and the seller is a registered business seller.

  3. I have seen a comment elsewhere that eBay do not charge fees when the item is for charity.

    Do they normally give fee relief on that proportion of a sale where a percentage is for charity?

  4. Checking the eBay policy on fee credits for items sold on behalf of a charity eBay do actually provide a full pro rata fee credit on the sale so in the case of this hat the £8100 fee will be credited back to the seller.

    Fair enough.

  5. why is it that you cannot see the ending final bid for this sale? why is it you cannot see the bidders? why is it that this sale is not showing up on any ebay site just saying I am curious being that there are a lot of buyers and sellers whose sale history is public record for all to see and was shill bidding allowed? SHILL BIDDING IS PROHIBITED. PLEASE RSVP SO THAT I CAN GET A REASONABLE RESPONSE TO EACH QUESTIONS THANK YOU



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