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Earlier this month introduced the ability to see up to 3 years purchase history in My eBay. Now the feature has appeared on eBay UK.

I’m still confused by the disparity between the buyer and seller history period on eBay. With Selling Manager Pro sellers can currently go back 122 days to check on sales. Now that buyers can go back three years it could be highly embarrassing for a customer to have better details of a transaction than the seller including the eBay item number they purchased.

I do like the ability to look back at my history on eBay and see what I’ve purchased over the years. I just wish as a seller I could do the same as easily

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  1. Just had a look at all the junk I’ve purchased over 3 years. Dunno why for half of it. However the best eye opener for me was the number of sellers I purchased from who are either not listing or have been banned. A good 60% I’d say if not more. I wonder why?

  2. I’m what you could call a Powerbuyer.

    I usually buy the exact same item from multiple sellers.

    In the past I could archive / delete he transaction from MY Ebay as the item arrived.
    Now there is no option to do this, so my ebay is full of completed transaction that I no longer need to see!
    Let’s hope they bring back the delete check icon.

  3. Why ?

    The only reason I can think is so that you can look back and perhaps revisit old sellers, which is not a bad idea but please, give us a delete option as it simply takes up bandwidth which has to be paid for..

  4. On amazon you can see sales history from the start of your buying history. I wish ebay would allow full access to all sales and buying



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