SMP auto emails retired, new auto emails to be sent

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eBay announced in March that they would be updating the automatic emails sent to buyers when they complete a transaction. They have now announced the date that these changes will roll out.

During the week commencing 23rd May to your buyers and some time after the 29th May the new seller to buyer communications homepage goes live and you’ll be able to see what emails are being sent to your buyers by eBay and when they are sent.

If you want to save your current Selling Manager and Selling Manager Pro automatic or manual email templates you’ll need to take a copy of them. Once the changes take effect the old templates will be lost.

It will become more important that sellers either mark items as despatched or enter tracking numbers into eBay if applicable.

The best news from this update is that for the first time eBay will start to automatically email tracking numbers to buyers on your behalf. As it’s now possible to enter tracking numbers for any carrier sellers choose to use it makes sense to use this facility to keep buyers informed when their item will arrive and reduce questions from buyers, which should have the effect of increasing your feedback DSRs.

3 Responses

  1. One of the big benefits of Selling Manager Pro was the auto sending of template emails to buyers when the seller flagged up conditions.

    In Selling Manager basic the sending of emails was up until now a manual process.

    Is Selling Manager Pro now worth subscribing to?

    There seems litle left by way of bulk time saving benefits. For me the batch auto feedback is generated by another “off eBay” programme as is all the printing.

    I have recently downgraded the store on the back of the listing fee changes so SMP now has to be paid for. I may unsubscribe.

  2. I wonder what marketing all these new eBay emails will contain?

    Probably full of stuff not relevant to my sales. This seems like a new revenue earner for eBay as they may well be offering advertising space and off ebay links in these messages.

    Great! 🙁

  3. I’m most concerned by how the Communication DSR will be screwed by the crappy eBay emails we all know too well which will be sent on our behalf. Or have I missed that the Comms DSR is being retired this week? 🙁



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