Voting for electoral reform vs new eBay fees

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Tomorrow the country goes to vote to decide on whether to accept a new electoral system so it’s ironic that that’s the day that the new eBay fees will come into effect.

Whilst many people have strong views on whether to keep the first past the post electoral voting system or if we should change to the alternative vote to elect our Members of Parliament and our government, I suspect many eBay sellers will have even stronger views on the .

How will you be voting – are you a first past the post person or do you favour the alternative vote and which will have more impact for you – how we vote for a few hundred MPs in Parliament or the effect of the new eBay fee structure on your business?

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  1. I’m voting no. My eBid shop has 3 positive reviews on Google shopping. I thought if it was a marketplace then the listing would appear as the marketplace, like with eBay. But my shop name appears on my eBid listings on Google shopping. I’d like to vote to have these reviews transfered over to my website as this is far more important than any referendum. Anyone want to buy my vote?

  2. Spending the day putting up prices on eBay and discounting prices on website.

  3. every seller on ebay wants as much as they can get for their product why should ebay itself be different

    and the AV vote needs to be a yes
    to stop the short trouser leg brigade

  4. I have waited 42 years for today – I have always wanted a referendum on the voting system – and today is the day.

    I only hope the “No” voters are too lethargic to go out and vote.

    It is ironic though that I will not be going out to vote today – as our area has postal voting and I voted 10 days ago!!

    Means I have more time to list items on eBay – oh joy

  5. Be interesting to be a fly on the wall of certain eBay sellers when the sentiments are expressed about their ebay fee bill for those business sellers of high value items whose auction sales finish over the next few days and who are unaware of the fee changes.

    It could be similar to the likely reaction of the loosing side in the AV vote.

    (PS interestingly a lot of the high value sellers on eBay UK are either not registered business sellers or list on eBay USA)

  6. In Scotland we have the additional joy of the Scottish Parliament Elections as well today.

    A slight over sight on my part but I didn’t realise that the new ebay FVF would have the VAT deducted so rather than 10% it will be 8.69%. Still hefty but slightly better.

  7. we dont think 10% is bad for access to 20 billion nutters willing to part with their cash for tat

  8. I’m going out to vote NO in the next hour, does anyone want to buy my vote by putting large sums of money into my Paypal account?

    If we had AV at the last election we would still have new labour, thats why I’m voting NO.

  9. voting is an illusion of choice created to keep us subdued and silent…

    …There are far more effective ways of “voting”.

  10. Were you raised on egg&chips, played in the dirt, got smacked when you misbehaved, had 4 TV channels & no remote, school day always started with assembly, shops were closed Sunday, watched films without thinking they were real, recorded the top 40 from the radio by blocking the holes on cassette… tapes, drank water from a hose, didn’t know what a Happy Meal was, and still turned out OK…. Who needs a government telling us what to do.

  11. our telly was remote it was in the posh house 5 mile away

    and gawd help us if chris from cornwall see this we will need a week off to read the post

  12. So the NO vote won. Will the coalition servive? If the LIB DEMS walk away and another election is called they’ll lose most of the seats they currently have. So after the next election will Nick Clegg.
    1) Work in McDonalds
    2) Sell via eBay
    3) Become a mature student


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