Buyers get awarded seller’s feedback star

There’s a rather strange bug on eBay which was first spotted by TameBay reader Dario of the London Magic Store. When viewing a closed listing the buyer’s feedback star takes on the attributes of the seller’s feedback star.

In the image pictured the buyer has a feedback of 143 and so should have a turquoise star. Instead they’re proudly displaying a yellow shooting star denoting feedback in excess of 10,000.

The only time (as far as I’m aware) that you’ll see this is on closed listings, in all other places on eBay the correct feedback star is displayed.

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I noticed that yesterday Chris on a closed listing. Buyer had 14 feedback with a Green star next it !

Goodrockingtonight. • 16th June 2011 •

I guess the account you were logged into has a green feedback star then :-)

Chris Dawson • 17th June 2011 •

Thinking back Chris, yes it was the green one :-) Does that mean a casual seller with say, 2 feedback logging on to a seller like 'Moviemars' with 'Moviemars' showing no star at all. With these odd bugs that crop up now and again, it keeps me amused and takes the monotony out of the tedious job of listing hour after hour.

Goodrockingtonight. • 17th June 2011 •